Volunteers are essential to our sport and to our program.  From the fundraisers to the swim meets, hundreds of volunteers work to make it all possible.  Meet Directors, Officials, Timers, Cooks and order-takers, heat sheet sales, Bullpen attendants, phone callers, computer entry persons, repairmen, and so many more- please help where and when you can!

Pendleton Cattle Baron’s Weekend

PSA's Annual Pendleton Open (formerly the Pendleton Invitational) 


Each year PSA raises $25,000-$35,000 through fundraising, which promotes longevity of the club. We could not do it without the help and support of our members, sponsors, and community. Thanks to all who help!

Additional fundraisers:

USAS Swim-a-thon

Pendleton Woolen Mills Blanket Drawing







Remember!  By shopping at and you can help PSA as well! 

Click the link from our home page to assure we will get our credit for your shopping there!  Thanks!


Since 2008, PSA has participated in the FundingFactory® Recycling Program. This fundraiser is FREE and simple because there’s nothing to sell, no paperwork to fill out and no deadline. The program runs year-round, accumulating constant income for our efforts. Please donate your empty printer cartridges and used cell phones to PSA and we’ll take it from there! We will recycle the cartridges and cell phones through FundingFactory to earn funds that help us fund our scholarship program to help our members when they need some help for costs associated with swimming.

Last year alone, more than 300 million cartridges were thrown away, while 30,000,000 cell phones were tossed or replaced. We’re alleviating the volume of waste that goes into landfills, while raising funds to help others.  All you and your swimmer have to do is collect the cell phones and cartridges and simply bring them to the pool when you come for practice and lessons.

FundingFactory also sponsors a businesses support program, where your employer can help out our club without spending a cent. FREE prepaid shipping labels can be sent, free of charge, directly to any business, organization or other facility within the continental United States. Business supporters simply need to load boxes, apply a FREE prepaid shipping label and leave them for the next UPS pickup. If you work for a company that may be interested in supporting us, please call FundingFactory toll-free at 1.888.883.8237. Give the customer service representative our identification number, 129402 and they’ll set you up to support our account.  

Thank you for your support!

NEW OPPORTUNITIES!   Funding Factory has created a sister-company that helps you to recycle your used consumer electronics (cell phones, digital cameras, GPS systems, MP3 players and video games) earning points to redeem cool stuff in the MaxBack online rewards catalog, all while choosing to support the PSA program that we have set up with Funding Factory.  PSA will earn a 10% commission on the items sent in to MaxBack (that 10% commission does not take away from the value earned by the people sending in items!) And on top of all that, MaxBack is completely FREE to anyone who participates!

Go to and you can go straight into the area of the item you want to see about recycling/exchanging.  You will enter info and answer questions about your item and then you will get a quote for a qualifying exchange.  If you accept that quote, they send you a PRE-PAID shipping box and you just put your item in the box and take it to the Post Office within 14 days of your quote.  (If there is any difference between the way you presented it for the quote and how it actually is, they will offer a re-quote and you have the option of not accepting or accepting that.  If you decline their re-quote, they will pay to ship it back to you.)   You then get to save and spend point that you earn from those exchanges.  As long as you select to support the Pendleton Swim Association when you register, PSA will get that 10% credit.  Check it out with your parents and share it with others.  They have a good "frequently asked questions" area to help understand it all better, and you can e-mail with further questions if you need.