Practice Information

General Practice Information

While practice length and frequency varies for each training group, practices begins with 10-15 minutes of dryland exercises on deck to both create a team atmosphere and improve core and general strength of the athletes. After this swimmers will grab their equipment and go to their designated practice lane.

During the school year, the team practices right after school, beginning at 3:45 pm. During the summer, the team practices in the morning, beginning at 7:15 am.

Required Equipment

Swimmers are required to attend each practice with a training-appropriate bathing suit, googles, and (for long-haired swimmers) a cap. The team has pull buoys, kick boards, and fins for swimmers to use, although we recommend swimmers in lanes 3-6 purchase their own fins. There are additional equipment requirements for Gordon's group, though these are communicated directly with the senior group swimmers. 

Practice Times

Lane 1 / Erin's Group

Practice times: M-F 3:45-5; W early release 2:15-3:15

Summer practice times: M-F 7:15-8:30 

Lane 2 / Jenny's Group

M-F 3:45-5:15, early release 2:15-3:30.

Summer practice times: M-F 7:15-8:45

Lanes 5-6 / Marshall's Group

Practice times for lane 6: M,W, F 3:45-5:30; T,TH 3:45-6; S 8:30-10

Practice times for lane 5: M, T, W, TH 3:45-6; F 3:45-5:30; S 8:30-10:30

Summer practice times: M-F 7:15-9/9:30 + dryland T, TH, S 8:30-10/10:30

Lanes 3-4 / Gordon's Group

Practice times: M-F 3:45-6 + dryland on T, TH; S 8:30-11 + dryland

​Summer practice times: M-F 7:15-9:30 + dryland on T, TH, S 8:30-11:30 + dryland