Qualifying Times

There are many standards by which a swimmer's success is measured.  One of which is by achieving a time which meets or exceeds the "qualifying time" for a given competition.  Some meets are open to any competitor, others restrict competition to those who are either faster, or slower, than a stated time for each event.  Click on the links below for a list of the qualifying times for each level of competition.  There are also published "motivational times",  which help swimmers set their personal goals for a season.  

2018 Age Group State Qualifying Times

2018 Senior Meet Qualifying Times

Use the link below to convert times from meters to yards or yards to meters.  Please note that this is NOT accurate as each swim is different from Long Course to Short Course.  For example this calculator converts 200 fly and 200 free similarly which in truth these events would have a vastly different effect on the swimmer.