Swim Registration (Annual) 

Each year, all athletes associated with a USA swim team must register with their LSC (local swim committee). In Minnesota, our LSC is Minnesota Swimming, Inc., also known as MSI. Registering with MSI provides insurance for athletes when at practices or meets associated with a USA team, such as Velocity Aquatics. Registering with MSI is mandatory for all athletes, regardless of your own family’s insurance policies. When you register with MSI using a year-round registration form, your registration will expire on December 31 of the registration year. For example, if you are registering in the fall of 2021, you actually are completing a 2022 registration.  2021 registration form, and your registration will not expire until 12/31/22.  The registration is automatic via Team Unify and billing is October 1, 2021 cycle.  


Your total MSI fee for 2021-2022  season is $74.00. The  fee goes to:

  •  USA swimming,($66)

  • Minnesota Swimming  ($8)

  • None of the collected fee goes to Velocity Aquatics

The payment process is automatic via TeamUnify payment process.   Do not mail MSI forms or payments directly to MSI.  

USA/MSI Fees are non-refundable. 

Monthly Dues (Monthly) 

The cost for your swimmer will vary depending on which level s/he swims. This fee covers the costs associated to running the program including pool rental, insurance, equipment, coaching salaries, etc.  You will be billed your monthly dues each month unless you specify that your swimmer will not be swimming for a given month, by the 15th of the month prior.    If your swimmer will be taking time off from swimming, please notify team administration at [email protected], as well as, your coach.    If your swimmer does take a break, they will need to reregister when they come back as long as there is still space in the program.

Age Group


Junior / Senior


Novice 1





Novice 2



Senior 1





Senior 2








Meet Fees (Varies) 

There is typically a cost for each swim meet in which your swimmer participates. This fee goes to the hosting team to cover pool fees, referees, and other administrative costs incurred. There is also typically a fee for each event. The costs are explained up front for each meet before you register.  Velocity will apply any meet fees directly to your account and will bill you with your monthly dues.   Meet fees are generally nonrefundable

Swim Dues and Meet Fees FAQ