Join The Sharks


All new athletes must do a try-out with one of our Senior Coaches. Please call Christina Offutt or Thomas Schmall at (504) 736-4762 or email at or to schedule a try-out. Please read our team handbook for important information about financial, attendance and time commitments required for membership. The team handbook can be found in the Documents tab on the top of this website.

Once the try-out is done you will be assigned to the appropriate roster group and given forms to fill out and bring to the Membership dept. at Ochsner Fitness Center (Harahan). It is very important that these forms be given to a Membership Rep. so please do not drop these forms at the front desk at the club. An account must be set up to handle all your billing by membership.

After an account has been set you will register to have full access to this site. The website is a complete team management system and all communication, news, events and swim meet information and sign-ups are done with this site. Click on the Online Registration or Start Registration button on the home page. Once your online registration is received by our administrator you will receive a login email at the email address that you provide during registration for this site. You will then have full access to the site and receive all team emails.