Dryland training has held a place in CYA's training program from the beginning.  This out-of-water strength training and conditioning offers our swimmers the opportunity to increase general fitness levels and athleticism.    

CYA has partnered with to establish dryland programs appropriate for the skills and capabilities of our swimmers.  Through this partnership, we offer:

  • At-Practice Dryland:  Unique Physique will conduct sessions with Orange, Pre-Senior and Senior groups.  Check the dryland schedule for dates, times, equipment needs, etc..
  • CYA-Only Classes at Unique Physique: Unique Physique offers classes at their fitness center for only our swimmers.  Classes may include Body Pump, GRIT, yoga, etc..  Throughout the season, classes are posted as Events on this website.   Swimmers in Black group and above are candidates for these classes.

Our swimmers and their families are encouraged to explore what Unique Physique has to offer at their fitness center.  You can begin learning about them through the Unique Physique page on this website.

And we haven't forgotten about our Silver & Black group swimmers....our coaches begin introducing the concepts of dryland to them through their regular training sessions.