About GLSS



                I’d like to take a moment and welcome you to Great Lakes Sailfish Swimming (GLSS).  We are pleased and honored that you are interested in swimming with one of the premier teams in Northeast Ohio.  We take great pride in our organization and hope that you too, will share in this pride.

                GLSS is a year-round, COMPETITIVE, USA Swimming program. We offer a guided age-group program for children ages 5 and older, from the beginning swimmer to the most skilled and competitive swimmer.

                As a new member of this team, our very qualified coaches will place your child in the group they feel is the most appropriate for their development.

                Please note that our coaches have your child’s best interests in mind.  We will not “hold back” a swimmer from moving up.  But, please know, that our coaches have a “Big Picture” outlook for your swimmer.  It is incredibly important that each swimmer learn & apply the fundamentals needed to develop into an outstanding swimmer.  There is no such thing as “Short Cuts” in athletics.  There are no “hacks” or magic pill that will advance a swimmer, without the commitment and dedication needed to achieve improvement.

                Our aim is to build a program where swimmers feel a true sense of “TEAM”, where they can acquire both proper technical as well as tactical training, where they understand the importance of hard work and can see the rewards of their efforts.  It doesn’t always come down to being an Olympian to be successful.  We are building strong and upstanding young people. 

                If you are serious about joining this COMPETITIVE USA Swimming team please use the free 2 week trial period.  See if your child likes it.  See if it works with your schedule and transportation.  At the end of those 2 weeks, if you choose to continue, please register on our website under the “Join Us” page.

                Please go to our “Pools” page and take a look at the schedule for each individual facility.  Feel free to speak to our very approachable coaches.  They will give you an honest and fair assessment of your child’s swimming & place them in the group that is most appropriate for their growth.

                Thank you so much for your interest in GLSS.