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The Starkville Shockwave Aquatics Team (“SWAT”) is operated as a not-for-profit organization. SWAT is managed by Head Coach Angel Mock & Assistant Coaches Savannah Eriksen, Connor Chase and the SWAT Board of Directors.





The mission of Shockwave Aquatic Team is to develop student athletes throughout the Starkville, Mississippi area by providing quality coaching, necessary training and encouragement among all age groups. Shockwave’s goal is to empower young people to be champions in and out of the water for a lifetime.


This handbook is a guide to help orientate parents and swimmers to the Shockwave Aquatics team (SWAT).  Whether you are a new or returning Shockwave parent/swimmer, please read the following guidelines which outline the policies and procedures of Shockwave.





We are a year-round, competitive swim program that is dedicated to advancing the sport of swimming in Starkville, Mississippi.  The SWAT coaching staff offers many years of experience and success to help develop swimming skills in a quality program.  We offer a variety of practice groups based on abilities and goals.  Swimmers must be at least 5 years of age by September 1 of the current school year in order to participate in Shockwave. Our purpose is to allow your child to have fun with the sport and to develop into a swimmer that can achieve unlimited success.


Each child is different and progresses at their own rate.  Our practice groups have their own specific goals and objectives.  The coaching staff makes group assignments based on each swimmer’s physical, mental and emotional level of development.





Shockwave rents lane space and practices in the Sanderson Center located on the Mississippi State University.  The Sanderson Center in no way has any affiliation with the management and/or operation of Shockwave Aquatics. We are guests of the Sanderson Center and must adhere to the guidelines in this Handbook and subsequent communication that the Sanderson Center has required or may require in the future. Any changes that affect Shockwave will be communicated via email.  Please adhere to any requests from the Sanderson Center.





We exclusively use our website,, for all of our registration, communication, and billing.  You will be required to sign in and create your own personal account and password for electronic payment processing. This site will be maintained frequently and we encourage you to visit the website often to stay informed.  You will also go here to check the status of your account. Please get into the habit of checking the website before contacting a coach or the office manager with questions.





You will create your own, secure account using your email and password. This is YOUR account to manage and maintain and you have 24/7 access to it.  It is your responsibility to keep the information in your account current. You may check the status of your account at any time by logging in

to your account and then clicking on MY ACCOUNT.  Then click on MY INVOICES/PAYMENTS to see your invoice or billing history.  Please get into the habit of checking your account regularly just as you would a bank account or a credit card account!





Shockwave does not have an office in the Sanderson Center per our rental agreement with Sanderson Center. The best way to communicate to the Shockwave board or coaches is through email. Emails will be answered within 24 hours.  You can email us at








An annual registration fee to Mississippi Swimming (non-refundable) is required of all swimmers.  This covers insurance for USA Swimming and it is what allows your child to practice and to participate in meets.  It also includes a subscription to SPLASH magazine.  You must be a member of USA Swimming in order to participate in Shockwave.  The form is available online during the registration process and the fee is automatically billed to your Shockwave account at registration.





Swim fees vary by training group.  Swimmers are assigned to the training groups by the coaching staff according to age and ability.  You will be required to set up a secure online account on our website for electronic payment processing.  Shockwave does not accept checks or cash; you must choose to pay with a credit/debit card or bank account.  We accept Visa, MasterCard & Discover only.


Monthly dues are drafted on the 1st day of the month, along with an itemized statement.  Additional fees such as meet entry fees, t-shirts, swim caps, etc. may also be invoiced and placed on your account to accompany your monthly dues.  You may access your account at any time to view your

current invoice. If the method of payment you have on file fails, you will receive an email.  Please update your account immediately with the new parent information. A $10.00 late fee will be applied to each account that is not paid by the 15th of the month subsequently until that account is current.


After sixty (60) days of non-payment, your child/children will not be allowed back into the water until the account is current.


If your swimmer is placed in a group at one rate, and then is moved to another group at a different rate, you will be notified and the necessary adjustments in price will be changed in your account.  You will not be charged a new rate until you have been notified.


Annual registration fee per swimmer (non-refundable) is also required at time of registration.  This includes your Shockwave registration fee as well as your MS Swimming Registration fee.



Swimmers are required to attend a certain number of meets, determined by what group your child is assigned.  Failure to meet these requirements, will lead to a $50.00 charge per meet missed, if not approved prior to the meet by the head coach.  These charges will be applied to your account.



If you no longer wish to continue Shockwave, please email with your request to discontinue your membership before the 20th day of each month. (For example, if you

wish to quit swimming in November, you must notify the office manager VIA EMAIL no later than October 20. Failure to notify the office manager by the 20th of the month will result in another month of billing - NO EXCEPTIONS). Upon receipt of this request by the 20th, your account will be cancelled and you will no longer be billed.  However, any outstanding debts on accounts must be paid in full before your account will be cancelled and you are released of all financial obligations. Only members who leave in good standing will be released from Shockwave and allowed to move their membership to another USA Swimming team.


Should you decide to return to Shockwave, please email, to begin the process to reinstate your account.


Membership Leave of Absence


A Leave of Absence will only be granted for a minimum of 3 months or more. Extenuating circumstances will be considered for periods of less than 3 months, e.g. medical/health issues.


If your swimmer has a situation where he or she is unable to swim for a period of time and you do not wish to discontinue your membership but would like to request a leave of absence, you must email the office manager at and state the reason for your request by the 20th of the month.  The request will then be forwarded to the Shockwave Board for permission to place the account on hold.  The Shockwave Board has every right to accept or deny any requests to place accounts on hold.





Practices are held each weekday when meets are not scheduled.  It is important to be at every practice outlined by your practice group.


There will be times beyond Shockwave’s control that we are unable to practice (threatening weather, maintenance/repairs on pool, etc.) Shockwave may have dry land practices when conditions are suitable. However, Shockwave will still be required to meet the financial obligations necessary to run the team and therefore will not refund any money for practice cancellations due to adverse weather conditions, university decisions close the pool or any other reason beyond Shockwave’s control.  We do our best to notify parents of practice cancellations in a timely manner.  If you are unsure if there is practice, please do not leave your swimmer at the pool.  Shockwave will practice if it is raining, thundering or lightening.  Only in the case of threatening weather (tornado, snow, ice storm, etc.) will we not practice because of weather. We will abide by the Starkville School District’s cancelation policy.  If schools shut down, or afterschool activities are canceled there will be no practice.




All swimmers are encouraged to participate in as many team sponsored swim meets as possible.  Some practice groups require participation in swim meets.  They provide a measure of a swimmer’s progress, reinforce team identity, and are FUN!  If you are unsure if your swimmer is ready to participate in a meet, please ask their coach.  The meet schedule will be posted on the website, along with meet information once the schedule is set by the coaches. Swimmers must be in good financial standing in order to enter meets.

 Meet fees will be invoiced and posted on your monthly statement.  If you sign up for a meet and do not attend for any reason, you are still responsible for the meet fees. NO EXCEPTIONS.


NOTE: Swimmers are not allowed to enter meets outside of the Shockwave meet schedule without permission of Coach Angel or Coach Savannah.

Each swimmer that has a qualifying time should plan on attending the State

Championship Swim Meet(s).






Practice: Monday, Tuesday & Wednesday 3:30pm – 4:15pm

This is an entry level group for ages 11 and over.  Must be able to swim

25 yards unassisted with face in the water.  Must be able to swim backstroke 25 yards unassisted with continuous movement on the back. Development of the four competitive swim strokes. The recommended number of practices for this group is 2-3 practices per week.  Participation of 1 swim meet per season in required.



Practice: Monday - Thursday 3:30pm – 4:30pm

This is an advanced beginner to intermediate group. Emphasis is on further development of the four competitive swim strokes, starts and turns and the fundamentals of training.  The required number of practices for this group is a minimum of 2 practices per week.  Participation in 2 swim meets is required.



Practice: Monday - Thursday 4:45pm - 5:45 pm

This group continues to refine the four competitive strokes, starts, and turns as well as intensify their training, for ages 11 and up. The required number of practices is a minimum of 3-4 per week. Participation of at least 2 swim meets per season is required.



Practice: Monday - Friday 4:30pm – 6:00pm

The exceptions for Saturday practices are meet weekends, and MSU home football games.

Practices for this group intensify at this level with continued emphasis on the four competitive strokes and other necessary competition techniques. The required number of practices for this group is a minimum of 3-4 practices per week. Participation in swim meets is mandatory.



Practice: Monday - Friday 4:30pm – 6:00pm and Saturday from 9:00 am -10:30 am

The exceptions for Saturday practices are meet weekends, and MSU home football games.

This is the top age group program.  Training emphasizes precise attention to the four competitive swim strokes and all necessary competition techniques. The recommended number of practices for this group is 5 times per week.  Participation in swim meets is mandatory.







All swimmers will need competition swimwear, goggles, cap, fins and a towel. No swim trunks or two-piece suits. Additional groups may need additional equipment. Coaches will give instructions on any equipment needs.




The following policies will apply to Shockwave swimmers, parents and siblings of Shockwave swimmers (when applicable). Discipline issues include, but are not limited to:


•  Offensive language on the pool deck or in locker rooms at any Shockwave practice or any USA Swimming sanctioned meet.


•  Being disrespectful to any coaches, Shockwave swimmers or members of other swim teams.


•  Any vandalism to the Sanderson Center or other properties in which Shockwave is a guest.


•  Possession of cell phones or cameras in locker rooms at any Shockwave practice or any USA Swimming sanctioned swim meet.


•  Bullying.


Additionally, Shockwave will abide by all rules and regulations as set forth by USA Swimming Code of Conduct in its current Rule Book which can be found at  Any individuals who violate the policies of USA Swimming regarding Code of Conduct could be subject to termination of membership of Shockwave Aquatics.




1.         Be on time!  Please be on the deck ready to swim with all of your equipment 10 minutes before practice begins.


2.         Be courteous to your fellow teammates and coaches. No negative language!


3.         Swimmer’s may only leave practice with a coach’s permission.


4.         Respect the Sanderson Center and any other facility you visit as a member of Shockwave.


5.         You must shower before entering the water at any time.


6.         At the conclusion of practice, make sure you return your equipment to the equipment bins, gather all your belongings (on the deck AND in the locker room).  The Sanderson Center staff nor Shockwave staff is responsible for keeping up with your belongings.


7.         Be sure your name is on all your equipment and swimsuits.

8.         If a coach gives your group information to take home, please make sure you give that information to your parent/guardian.  Information is communicated by email but it is your responsibility to make sure the information is passed on to parents/guardian.


9.         Do not loiter in the locker rooms, lobby or on the pool deck.


10.       No food of any kind is allowed inside the pool area. You may only have water inside the pool area.


11.       You may not swim outside of your designated Shockwave practice time unless you are either a member of the Tupelo Aquatic Center or you pay for individual lap lane swimming at the Front Desk of the Center.


12.       No Tobacco is allowed at the Tupelo Aquatic Center.





1.         Please be on time to drop of your children for practice, but no sooner than 30 minutes before their practice begins.


2.         Our coaches have responsibilities outside of Shockwave.  If you pick up your swimmer more than 10 minutes after practice ends, YOU ARE LATE!  The Shockwave coaches and the Sanderson Center staff are not paid to baby sit your swimmers because you cannot be on time. Families who are habitually late may be removed from the team.


3.         Practice time is for the swimmers.  If you need to speak to a coach about your swimmer, they are available to talk to you by email or a scheduled meeting time.


4.         No food of any kind is allowed inside the pool area. You may only have water inside the pool area.


5.         Non-swimming siblings must remain with a parent at all times during practice and are not allowed to roam in the bleachers or lobby.


6.         You may not pull up in front of the facility and wait for your child to exit the Facility.  You must use a designated parking space. It is Sanderson’s policy that children under the age of 17 be escorted in and out of the facility.


7.         It is your responsibility to manage your Shockwave account and keep your information current.  If your method of payment fails after the 1st of the month billing, you will receive an email.  Please keep your method of payment updated and check your account monthly BEFORE the 1st day of the month so you are aware of your invoice total.


8.         Please keep a positive attitude toward the team.  We want Shockwave to be a positive place for your children.


9.         Never criticize your child for poor performance, either at practice or a meet.  The coaches will deal with areas of improvement with your child. Celebrate all successes, great and small, with your child.  The more positive and proud your attitude, the better your child will perform and the more they will enjoy the sport.


10.       No Tobacco is allowed at the Sanderson Center.


11.       Please be mindful of the rules and regulations as set forth by the Sanderson Center.  Shockwave pays a monthly rent to use the facility for practices.  The Sanderson Center is not affiliated in any way with the management or operation of Shockwave. The Sanderson Center staff is not responsible for your inquiries about Shockwave.