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WSU Parking Regulation: This new parking regulation goes into effect on 08/21/2017. The operative hours are 7:00am to 5:00pm. If you plan to park on the WSU campus, you will need to visit this website to purchase a parking e-permit.

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Practice: Practice is scheduled according to swimmers' level and pool location. It is the swimmers responsibility to attend practice and be on time. Parents are allowed to observe practices from the designated observation areas. 

White Group: This group is for the entry-level swimmer. Swimmer must be able to swim 25 yards of each stroke. Stroke work is the primary objective of this group, then building for endurance. Beginning swimmers learn the four competitive strokes (freestyle, breaststroke, backstroke, and butterfly), turns and starts. White group swimmers are encouraged to practice for 45 minutes, three times per week.

If your swimmer cannot swim 25 yards of each stroke, please click here for information on swim lessons.

Black Group: This level is for swimmers who are familiar with the four basic competitive strokes. The objective of this group is stroke technique. Swimmers continue working on turns and starts while building endurance. Black group swimmers are encouraged to practice for 1 hour to 1 hour and 15 minutes, three times per week. Approximate age: 10 and under, and based upon skill level and experience.  

Gold Group: Swimmers begin to swim intervals and work with a pace clock. Technique in stroke and turns continues to develop, but more emphasis is placed on endurance and speed. Gold group swimmers are expected to practice 1 hour and 30 minutes, four to six times per week. Approximate age:  11-12, and based upon skill level and experience. 

Senior Group: This group is for athletes who have made swimming one of their priority activities, outside of school. Training is more rigorous, yet attention is still given to correct mechanics. Senior group swimmers are expected to practice one and one half to 2 hours, five to six times per week. Weight Training program is also available for this group. Approximate age: 13 and over, and based upon skill level and experience. 

Swimmers are placed by the coaches in the appropriate practice group according to their age, skill level and experience. Practice schedule for all locations is posted below. If you are having trouble viewing the schedule, please click here.



Pick-up/Drop-off Policy: Please make sure your swimmer makes it to the pool area safely. We cannot take responsibility for your child’s safety until they join their practice group. Last minute schedule changes do occur, so please escort your child.  Please be prompt when picking up your child after practice. Because of other responsibilities, the coaches cannot be responsible for swimmers once they leave the pool area. Practice locations and times are subject to change due to pool availability. 

No Coach, No Swim Policy: When arriving at the pool if there is no coach on deck, swimmers shall not enter the water. This policy is enforced due to insurance and pool contract requirements.

Parents are not allowed on the pool deck at any time during practice. Memberships are available for anyone wanting to use the facilities. If a parent has any concerns, they need to be addressed to the coach before or after practice, not during. THIS RULE IS STRICTLY ENFORCED.

Locker Room Procedures: Swimmers should bring locks for their lockers or bring their bag out to the pool deck. Do not bring anything valuable to practice. Jewelry and other items should be left at home and are not allowed in the pool. Swimmers are expected to be respectful of others and to behave in the dressing rooms at all times. Showers are required before entering the pool. Towel slapping and such behavior will not be tolerated.

Required Practice Equipment: Swimmers will need a swimsuit, goggles, cap (if desired), towel, and water bottle for every practice. All items need to be marked with swimmers name.