Swimmer Info (Redirected to resources)

There is a lot to know and learn when it comes to swimming. Your coach is your best resource for information, don’t hesitate to talk to your coach.

Swimmers page on USA Swimming

The USA Swimming website is all about swimming. This section is the swimmers featured part of the USAS website and will contain a lot of information. Check out the Featured Articles and the Age Group Swimming sections.

Perfect Practice – Getting the Most out of Your Training

What constitutes a “perfect” practice? How do we get the most out of our training?

American Swimming Coach Association

The ASCA is mainly for coaches, but there are many articles and discussions that are publically available on the website and worth checking out.

9 Goals for the School Year

Set some goals for the school year!


A swimming news website to help you keep abreast with the happenings in the swimming world.

Avoiding Psych-Outs and Intimidation

Every athlete feels the pressure to perform when the time comes... How can you help yourself handle the pressure and avoid being psych'd out?

Mental Training - Five Way to Prepare for Racing

Discusses strategies on how can you help yourself be ready to race...

Five Habits of Mentally Tough Swimmers

Internal fortitude. The will to win. The rage to master and persevere. These words usually get tossed around when coaches discuss elite swimmers. Here are 5 habits of mentally tough swimmers.

Are You Swimming to Win or Swimming Not to Lose? (And Why The Difference Matters.)

The difference between swimmers who swim to win compared to those who swim...

Crave Competition, it's good for you

Like it or not, life is full of competition...

The Nine Mental Skills of Successful Athletes 

The mind plays a big role in how successful an athlete will be... How can you prepare yourself to be a successful athlete?

Technical Videos

Let’s be honest, this is what you really want to check out --- as if practice isn’t enough, check out the Folsom Wahoos library of Technical Videos!

Setting Small Goals - a talk to Sierra Nevada LSC at the 2014 Swimposium by Kate Ziegler, a two-time Olympic swimmer