Y National Champs

SC YMCA Nationals

2020          Date: March 30-April 3, 2020

                    Location: Greensboro Aquatics Center, Greensboro, NC


LC YMCA Nationals

2020          TBA


Stay With Us Program- Housing Program

Registration is OPEN for the 2020 SC National meets.

With affordability in mind, we have partnered with the Greensboro Convention and Visitors Bureau and the Greensboro hotel community to lower overall travel costs for Championship participants. This year you will see a larger variety of hotel options, many at lower rates than previous years. Your support of the preferred Greensboro hotels is appreciated.

Here is the direct link for housing:




1)  All swimmers must be full members of your YMCA.  They are not allowed dual representation with any other swim program.

2)  Swimmers must meet the requirements for Nationals: 3 inter association closed YMCA meets and 1 YMCA of the USA sanctioned meet.

3) In order for a swimmer to use a time achieved in a high school meet for entry into any YMCA sanctioned meet, including Nationals, that high school meet has to have been USA Swimming Observed. Please work with your high school organizations to ensure that championship and large invitational meets are USA Swimming Observed.

4) Qualification Period: March 1, 2019- entry deadline