Swim Groups

Pipeline Swimming offers training and practice groups for swimmers of all ages and abilities. At PIPELINE SWIMMING It is our goal to offer competitive training in a fun and yet skillful way. PIPELINE SWIMMING is geared towards challenging each individual to be the best athlete they can be.

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 – This group is for the first time swimmers that can swim freestyle/backstroke (one lap minimum of each) but need to learn the basics of breaststroke, butterfly, streamline, turns and starts. Heavy emphasis on kicking. The main focus will be technique, technique, technique (80%) and 20 % conditioning/ and having a lot of fun.  This group will be offered 3 days a week with no mandatory practices. 

Coach Jared Pike, Coach Hyden
Workout Days - 3 week




This group is for the swimmer that has the knowledge and ability to swim each of the four strokes legally.  The main focus for this group will be mechanics and techniques in all four strokes, starts, turns, and prepare swimmers for meets should they choose to compete.  Focus for this group will be continuing to have fun, be social, and be a part of a pre-competitive team of young athletes.  50% technique/ 50% conditioning.  Dryland will be introduced.
Workout Days - 4 weeks


RIPTIDES: Championship Team

– This group of swimmers are the next wave of champion athletes.  The main focus for this group will be mechanics and technique for all four competitive strokes, starts, turns, as well as understanding the pace clock, interval training and sets. Preparation for competitions, race strategies for swim meets and learning sportsmanship are all part of this group's daily regiment. Competition gives the coaching staff the ability to gage the athletes progress.   Having fun, being social, and being a part of a competitive sports team is what will help them reach their goals.  60% technique & drills/ 40% conditioning, building endurance and mental preparation.  Dryland training will be part of this training regiment.

Coach Piper, Coach Peter
Workout Days - 5 weeks:

  National Team

 – This group is for high school and elite level swimmers.  Dedication and work ethic are expected in this group.  The focus will be on pacing/ interval training/ technique/ drills and drylands  Race strategies training and college prep should the swimmer be interested.  The swimmer is expected to attend all local meets plus any they should qualify for.  The swimmer is also expected to lead the younger teammates by example.

High Performance Group: Coach Piper & Coach Peter
Workout Days - 6 week & 3 mornings