You may register your athlete for meets under the "Meets and Events" Tab as they are released.  You will never send payments to the host team - CMT YMCA will bill you directly for all meets.  If your athlete will NOT be participating in a meet, we request you edit their commitment under the Events Tab to "declined". This will ensure that they are not placed in events by the coaching staff.

Thank you!

October 6 2019 TCAY October Open
October 25-27 2019 Halloween I1nvite
November 10 2019 TCAY Tidalwaves All Around @ Principia College
November 15-17 2019 SCCY Gobbler Games
December 6-8 2019 CRCY Christmas
December 21 2019 MEXY Pentathlon 
January 4 2020 Edwardsville Sprint Spectacular
January 11 2020 WCFY Icebreaker Invite
January 17-19 2020 YOSI Cool Winter Invitational
January 26 2020 CMTY Kings of the Pool
February 2 2020 CRCY Heartbreaker
February 7-9 2020 Tom and Becky Invitational
February 15 2020 KWBY Last Chance Meet
March 6-9 2020 Regionals @ CRCY (all groups, last qualifying event)
March 20-22 2020Area @ EDWY (must qualify to participate)