GSP Sea Lions

Gahanna Sea Lions Summer Rec Team

The Gahanna Sea Lions Summer League Recreational Team 

is a proud member of the GCSL (Greater Columbus Swim League) http://www.gogcsl.org/

and is owned and operated By The Greater Columbus Swim Team of Ohio

Important Documents



2018 Team Information

 4/23/18 GSL Website

2018 GCSL Release of Claims Form - Mandatory to fill out

4/23/18 Download

2018 Team Registration



2018 GSL.GCSTO Discount Offers




Membership Requirement

Please remember that all team members must be members of the Gahanna Swimming Pool, which is owned and operated by the City of Gahanna. Team members do not need to be members of GCSTO to join the Sea Lions. For pool membership information, please visit http://www.gahanna.gov/departments/parks/aquatics.aspx.

2018 Swim and Dive Team Information Information Meeting For New Team Members

This will be Sunday, April 22nd from 6:00-7:00 p.m. at the Gahanna Senior Center but, if you miss it, you can still swim with us and we can still get you all of the information that will be covered. We will present general information about how the swim team works, introduce board members, introduce the head swimming and diving coaches, hand out team apparel information and more.  We also start accepting registrations for a 1 week trial period with the team. More information on this all will come out on the weeks ahead. If you miss the meeting but are still interested in joining please contact Steve Nye at stevenye@sbcglobal.net or 614-478-5445.  

You must be 18 or younger to join the team. You may be 19 if you are a 2018 high school graduate. While you must be a member of the Gahanna Swimming Pool a family membership is not required as the City has now offered single member rates for those who are on the swimming team.

Dive Team

You must know at least 2 dives to join the team. Dive Team is not intended to be used as lessons but if you're not sure if your diver is ready then just give it a try for a week to see. Heck, they may well learn 2 dives within that week anyway!

Swim Team 

10 years and under swimmers must know at least 1 stroke and have the ability to swim across the pool without stopping. 11 years and older must know at least 2 of the competitive strokes and be able to dive into water and swim several laps without stopping.

Team Fees

   $75 per child to join the Junior Swim Team OR the Dive (regardless of age) Team

  $85 per child to join the Senior Swim Team

   $110 per child to join the Junior Swim Team AND Dive Team

  $120 per child to join the Senior Swim Team AND Dive Team

   Note: For families with 2 swimmers and/or divers in any combination, there is a $200.00 cap per family.

   Note: For families with 3 or more swimmers and/or divers in any combination, there is a $230.00 cap per family.

Special Exemptions: 15 & over Gahanna Swimming Pool employees wishing to swim and/or dive with the Gahanna Sea Lions are exempt from team fees and must only pay the appropriate Booster Club Fees. There are no practice limitations for swimmers falling into this exemption category.   


15 & over USA Swimming or Y Swimming swimmers training with their club team in the summer who are Gahanna Swimming Pool members and who wish to swim and/or dive with the Gahanna Sea Lions are exempt from team fees and must only pay the appropriate Booster Club Fees, as well. They may practice 1 day per week (preferably Wednesdays) with the Sea Lions under this arrangement. 

Everyone who pays their entire team fee, (team fee, booster club fee & volunteer fee included - see below) by May 28 will receive a free team T-shirt.

Booster Club Fees 

BOOSTER CLUB FEES: $20 for your first child and then $16 for the 2nd child after that, $12 for any more swimmers/divers that you might have as this is applicable to, both, swimmers and divers. (may be subject to change between now and next spring)

NOTE ON TEAM FEES: Remember that Gahanna Sea Lions swimmers who become part of the Greater Columbus Swim Team of Ohio (GCSTO) for the spring and/or summer may well be eligible for additional discounts on their GSL or GCSTO team fees. Please contact GCSTO head coach and GSL owner, Steve Nye, at stevenye@sbcglobal.net for more information.

Equipment/Outfitting Requirements

Equipment/Outfitting Requirements – All swimmers are required to wear the Gahanna Sea Lions swim cap.  These will be available through our Team Apparel Coordinator as will team shirts for swimmers and adults.  All swimmers are strongly urged to wear one of several royal blue swimwear options available on swimoutlet.com.  These options will be provided at our parent meeting.    

2018 Practice Schedule From May 29 Through The End Of The Season 

Please note that the following schedule may change so keep an eye out for practice updates.

Swim Team

 Seniors (11 & over)                    9:45-11:45 a.m. on M, Tu, W & Th (also F June 1 & July 13) 

 Juniors (10 and under)               9:45-11:00 a.m. on M, Tu, W & Th (also F June 1 & July 13)

Dive Team

Juniors (10 and under)               11:00 a.m.-12:00 p.m. M, Tu, W & Th

 Seniors (11 and over)                12:00-1:00 p.m. M, Tu, W & Th

 Open Option                             7:00-8:00 p.m. on Tu.

Volunteer Requirements

Each swim family is required to volunteer 5 times during the season at the meets while each dive team, only, family is required to volunteer 2 times during the season at meets. We need timers, scorers, concession worker, etc.  Swim families will be asked to submit a $50 check to the team upon registration that will only be cashed if you do not meet the volunteer requirements by the end of the season.  Dive team families will be asked to submit a $20 check for this fee upon registration. Signup sheets will be at the parent information meeting and at the first week of practice.  SIGN UP EARLY TO GET THE POSITIONS YOU WANT!

2018 Meet Schedule and Important Dates for Swim Season

Note: In relation to Wednesday night dual meets warm-ups for diving start at 3:00 with the meet starting at 4:00 while warm-ups for swimming start at 5:00 with the meet starting at 6:00. Championship warm-up & meet start times will be announced later.

Date Day Versus Where
June 6 Wednesday Blue/Gold Tentative Practice Meet (Team Picture) Home
June 13 Wednesday Northwest Away
June 20 Wednesday PTAC Home
June 27 Wednesday Highland Park Away
July 4 Wednesday 4th of July Parade TBA
July 5 Thursday Worthington Away
July 11 Wednesday Intrasquad Meet Home
July 13 & 14 Friday & Saturday Diving Championships at Gahanna Swimming Pool
July 16 & 17 Monday & Tuesday Swimming Championships

at Delaware

July 18 Wednesday Team Banquet Hunter's Ridge Pool

While we understand swimmers and divers may have commitments that come up during dual meets, we ask everyone to keep their calendars clear and make plans to participate in championships… thanks!


2018 Gahanna Swimming Pool Sea Lions Coaches & Administration


 Head Swimming Coach: Gloria McCarthy - gansmccarthy@juno.com  



 Assistant Senior Swimming Coach: TBA 


Assistant Junior Coach: Harvey Culbert - trebluch@gmail.com



 Head Diving Coach: Jill Auer - jillauer@gmail.com or 614-832-7344


Assistant Diving Coach: TBA

Sea Lions Board

 Jennifer Couch- President

Matt Couch- Secretary

Leania Alli- Volunteer Coordinator/Team Apparel

Lynn Feils- Communication Coordinator 

Laura Herzog- Concession & Hospitality Co-Coordinator

TBA- Concession & Hospitality Co-Coordinator

Danielle Fabing- Fundraising/Sponsorship Coordinator

TBA- Team Events Coordinator



ACE, Inc/GCSTO: Steve Nye at 614-478-5445 or stevenye@sbcglobal.net

(Which is where all financial questions should be directed)

Communications Board

 Lynn Feils at GahannaSeaLions@gmail.com

(All general questions are to be directed here while all financial questions contact Steve Nye at stevenye@sbcglobal.net)

Like us on Facebook at www.facebook.com/gahannasealions