Service Hours

The Nation's Capital Swim Club greatly appreciates the service hours that our families put in on a yearly basis. It takes a lot of volunteers to run the swim meets and make these events possible for our swimmers. 

Thus, this year we are instituting a service hours requirement in order to successfully run the meets we host and attend. We expect all our families to lend a helping hand in our efforts to continually support our swimmers.

Accounts that fail to complete all the hours by March 31, 2019, 
will be charged $75.00 per swimmer.

Families with multiple swimmers that do not complete all the hours required, will be charged for any missing hours. For example - 3 swimmers with only 12 hours completed will result in a $75 charge for 1 swimmer. 
This does not apply to swimmers in groups that do not compete.

Hour requirements for: April 1, 2018 - March 31, 2019

The hour requirements are based upon each swim session being approximately 3 hours. 
Below are the number of hours each account agrees to perform based upon the number of swimmers:

Service Hour Requirement 
1 Swimmer  8 Hours
2 Swimmers  11 Hours
3 Swimmers  14 Hours             
4+ Swimmers  17 Hours





Obtaining Service Hours:

1. Sign Up!
All Service Hour sign ups will be done through Sign-up Genius and other potential programs for the meets. PVSWIM.org has a list of all the meets. By selecting the name of the meet, you will be taken to the meet information with the link to sign up. 
PVS Meet Schedule

2. Check in
To ensure you receive your hours, you ALWAYS need to check in at the event. It is the only way we know you have been to the event and volunteered. There will be sign-in sheets at every meet for volunteers. 

  • Write your name legibly (Best if name matches Account name)
  • Put your team as NCAP 

Most meets are always in need of Volunteers. So if you didn't sign up beforehand, you can always come on deck to see if they need more help. Be sure to check in when you do so and take a picture of the sign in form. 

3. Proof of Service & Submit Hours
To ensure you receive your hours, we have created a service hours submission form. After completing hours, we encourage you to fill out the form so we have a record of your service. Sometimes Timer sheets go missing, sign up genius is not accurate, or other methods of tracking fail so we rely on you and your family to help us keep track. 

Any of the following options can qualify as proof of Service:
- Picture of Timer Sign-in Sheet
- Screenshot of Sign up Genius or Sign up 
- Picture of you performing the Service... Smile!

* IF you forget to document proof of service we understand and will look to other uploaded images of timer sign-ins to verify your service. 

Proof of Service can be uploaded here: https://www.dropbox.com/request/zvfSkz9dymingow3DrD8

4. Track your hours

You can log into your account on teamunify and see your service hours. 
Go to: My Account - My Invoices/ Payments - Service Hours

Please understand we have a large number of hours to enter annually and it takes time to accurately records them. Most hours are updated within 4 weeks of the event.
We want to make sure you receive credit so please visit the Service Hours Submission page to submit volunteer Hours after completion.