Sectional Live Stream Link for Ayersville

To watch the High School meet Live Stream:

The following GIRLS will NOT be swimming at the following meets: BOYS I have entered since OG has a much smaller boys team. 

DEFIANCE: Macey Wilson, Ella Wehri, and Laura Basigner

NAPOLEON: The 3 of you are swimming unless you inform me ASAP that you can not attend this meet. Entries are due today. 

WAPAK: Not sure yet, I have not heard from them. 

AYERSVILLE: I am planning on you swimming unless, I am informed of a very limited number. 

Holiday Practice Schedule and Meet Information: 

Please Read the entire message. There is information about Holiday Practice and who is swimming in what meets, and times of meets. 

Holliday Practice: 

Monday December 21: 3-4:30

Tuesday December 22: Ayersville Meet/3-4:30 practice for those not swimming at Ayersville. 

Wednesday December 23: Practice 7-9 am

Thursday and Friday December 24-25: NO PRACTICE

Monday and Wednesday December 28 and 30: Practice 7-9 am

Tuesday December 29: Holiday Invite for some swimmers/No practice for those not swimming.

Thursday December 31: Practice from Noon-2.

Friday January 1: NO PRACTICE

NOT SWIMMING AT AYERSVILLE: Wes Davidson, Carson Trombley, Ryan Kahle, Marissa Beckett, Kenzi Cupp, Olivia Fenbert, Claire Fuerst, Megan Knott, Taylor Knott, Hannah Verhoff, Abby Warnecke,  Maddie White and the Putnam County HS Swimmers

Bus will be leaving at 3:15 for Ayersville. Meet start is 4:30. They are streaming on youtube. I will share link when I receive it. Please pick up Sub sandwhiches in Mrs. Flueckigers room after school. 


SWIMMING AT HOLIDAY: Madison Balash, Marissa, Beckett, Kenzi Cupp, Claire Fuerst, Lisa Hunt, Abby Klass, Megan Knott, Taylor Knott, Lauren Trombley, Hannah Verhoff, Abby Warnecke, Maddie White, Wes Davidson, Ryan Kahle, Garrett Klass, Matt Schneeg, Noah Schnipke, Sam Schroeder, Carson Trombley, Hohnathon Utrup, Collin Flueckiger, Dylan Giesswein. Plus Putnam County HS Swimmers.

Bus will be leaving Tuesday morning at 7:00 am. Warm ups are at 8:00 am. Meet start is 9:00. 

I will have entries for this meet on by tomorrow. 

Napoleon Wildcat Heat Sheet   Live stream @ “Napoleon High School Streaming” on Facebook or “NHSAthletics” on twitter will start about an hour before meet. 

OG vs Defiance Heat Sheet

OG vs Shawnee Heat Sheet 

The following is a link to the OG Swim Team Handbook. My contact information is listed there, as well as, rules and letter requirements. 


2020-2021 Meet Entries  Open the link. It will take you to an entries file. Within that file you will find 4 files, one for each school. Open your teams file, each meet has a separate PDF listing your entries 

2020-2021 Meet Results Open the link. It will take you to a results file. You will find meet results in the file as well as 4 other files one for each team, that will have results by team. 

Snow Day at home Workout

Covid Rules at SwimMeets