Swim Groups

Swim groups are divided by age, not skill, but it is never too late to join! We are a summer competitive team; however, fun is our focus! Our goal is for your child to have a FUN, REWARDING summer learning grit in individual events and teamwork as a whole team for the Tar Heel Swim Association rankings. In 2017 and 2018, we were the TSA Champs for our division, and we hope to do it again in 2021! 

If your child has a longing to learn to swim better, learn new strokes, or be part of a team that grows teamwork and individual determination, then our swim team is perfect for him or her! As long as they can swim a doggy paddle  with minimal assistance (under at 7) or completely unassisted (over the age of 7) then they are great to join the team and learn proper strokes of Back, Breast, Butterfly and Freestyle. 

For additional fun, after all our home meets we gather at Aversboro Restaurant so parents can get to know each other and meet their kids' friends outside the pool! After the summer, you and your children will feel like part of a family. 

Swimming is an important life skill and there is no better way to learn than by having fun on a summer swim team! 

Practice Times 

We practice Monday-Thursday, and Saturdays, except for meet days, of course. Our Meets are always on Tuesdays unless a holiday, such as the 4th of July, falls on a Tuesday, then we hold the meet The next day, Wednesday. 

Our practice age groups for Monday -Thursday night Practices are:

6 and unders: 6:15pm- Dryland warm ups. 6:30 pm-7pm-in the water practicing. This group swims 15 meters at meets with kid catchers in the water to assist as needed

7-10: 6:45pm-Dryland warm ups. 7pm-8pm-in the water practicing. This group swims 25 meters at meets 

11-18: 7:45pm-Dryland warm ups. 8pm-9pm-in the water practicing. This group swims 50 meters at meets 

For Saturday practices, all age groups are together in the pool at 8:30am. 6 and unders swim til 9am and everyone else swims to 9:30am. Saturdays are not requried at all and are mostly team building games to work on strength and endurance and to just have fun. 

Our older teen and some pre-teen swimmers will have the opportunity to be chosen as "Team Leaders".

These swimmers earn the honor of leading the younger swimmers in example, leadership, kindness, and instruction when help is needed. Only swimmers displaying the highest devotion to leadership will earn a position, and it is fully at the coaches discretion who is picked.

Any swimmer picked can place our "Garner Dolphin Team Leaders" experience on scholarship, internship, and college applications, and I will write a letter of recommendation for anyone needing it to reflect the outstanding leadership skills these kids display and the volunteer hours they devote assisting younger swimmers to cultivate positive attitudes and positive motivation throughout the season. Any parents with questions about this program can see Michelle after 6 and under practice.