AmazonSmile allows you to easily donate to their favorite nonprofit organization.  If you currently shop on Amazon, just use this link instead  After you establish GBSC as your charity on your account just utilize website to shop.  It works exactly like, however GBSC receives 0.5% of all sales from the AmazonSmile program.  As of May 2019 GBSC has earned $175.26 through this program.  Please pass this along to all your family and friends!!!!  These funds help to offset club expenses (pool rental, awesome coaches, supplies).  


New to GBSC we are part of the SwimOutlet savings program.  Similiar to AmazonSmile when you make a purchase at using our club page 8% of most sales will be donated back to GBSC.  These funds will help to offset club expenses.  Utilize website 

There are swimsuits and gear in the Team GBSC store however, those are only thoughts from one parent and are not required.  Feel free to buy other items from SwimOutlet that best suit your family needs.  As long as you enter the website utilizing and you see in the top menu bar towards the right Team GBSC your purchase has the potential to help our team.


If you are interested in fundraising for your swimmer's account please sign in to this website and visit the Fundraising - Swimmer account tab to learn more about your options.