Swim Columbus Swim Team

Registration Process 

1.  Download, print and complete the Swim Columbus Registration Form;
2.  Download, print and complete the 2018 MS Swimming Registration Form
3.  Place the following in an envelope:
     a.  SCSO Registration Form (2018 Spring Season)
     b.  2018 MS Swimming Registration Form      
     c.  Your SCSO dues (six post dated checks dated for the
           30th of each month beginning with March (if paying by post-dated check plan)
     d.  Your MS Swimming Registration dues (separate check made out to MS Swimming  $64- Do NOT mail to Candace Loper)
4.  Seal the envelope and drop it off in the Swim Columbus lockbox located on the trophy case.

Registration Forms:  Accessed through the sub-tabs under "Join SCSO". 





For more information, please click here to email us.