What's new in officiating? We all need to complete Concussion Protocol Training.  Please follow the link to the USA Swimming website.  There you can choose from two training options.  Once you have completed the training and receive your certificate, please email it to Dick Cavanah:, to be put in SWIMS.  Once in SWIMS, your Deck Pass will be updated.  If you have questions, please review this document.

FHSAA Officiating Update

Unless you are a registered FHSAA Official, you may not be covered by FHSAA, should an incident occur while you are officiating.  The EXCEPTION would be if the meet is USA Observed and your name is on the application for observation.  Your name can be placed on the observation application before, during or IMMEDIATELY after, the meet.  The Meet Referee will need to contact David Hammond to request it.   


The 2019-2020 and 2020-2021 NCAA Supplemental Test is available on the USA Swimming website.  Follow this link to download the 2019-2020 and 2020-2021 Rulebook for free.

Recertification Information

Please review the attached PDF and follow the guidelines to recertify.  If you have any questions, please contact Steve Goldman or Kathy Fish.

National Certification

The Officials Committee encourages our Officials to improve their craft. One way to do this is to advance from your FGC certification to the N2 and N3 Level.
Follow this link and see if you are ready for the next level or recertification.

Click Here to go to the USA Swimming Web Site Officials Page.


List of Official's Membership Requirements




Officials Committee 


Official's Chair  

Steven Goldman

Assistant Chair

Kathy Fish


Juan Pelaez


Fabio Meira

Dade Athlete Rep.

Phillip Meira



Allan Golding


Beth Wilkerson

Broward Athlete Rep.

Sarah Acevedo


Palm Beach

Scott Boggs

Palm Beach

Brian Lacusky

Open Water

Hector Acevedo



Welcome to the world of swim officiating! This page contains all the information you need to become an entry level swim official. If you have any questions, or for more information, please contact Steve Goldman.


Why Be An Official?

There are lots of great reasons to become a swim official…

  • We need you! Maybe it looks to you like we have plenty of folks on deck…but the fact is that at most meets we have about half the number of folks we need to effectively officiate!

  • Contribute meaningfully to the sport! Sitting in the stands or in a lawn chair on deck is better than not showing up for your children, but becoming an official demonstrates to them the kind of parent you are --- caring and active.

  • Great view! You are right there at the point of the action.

  • Hospitality! At most all meets you are ‘fed and watered’ to your hearts content.

  • Camaraderie! Meet and make friends with lots of other folks from all over your area and the state, and enjoy the energy and spirit of the officials group.

  • We are NOT little league…in swimming, unlike many sports, we pay for professional coaching, and rely on volunteer officials…that’s the way it should be, not the other way around!


What do ‘Stroke and Turn Judges’ do?

The officials help the coaches and swimmers by maintaining a fair competitive environment. Stroke and Turn Judges (S/T) will observe the swimmers after the start and report any violations of the stroke and turn rules to the Referee. Officials should never incorrectly report a violation of the rules, as it is expected that all reports are based on 100% certainty that what is reported as a disqualification is a violation of the rules. The swimmers ALWAYS get the benefit of the doubt!



Swimming officials are divided into several levels, and once you have become a S/T judge, you can choose to progress to additional levels if you wish. There is no level more important than the Stroke and Turn level, but you learn additional skills at each level. The additional levels are:

• Starter

• Deck Referee

• Meet Referee

• Clinical Instructor (someone who teaches clinics)

How To Become An Official

Certification at each level requires formal instruction (a clinic), testing, and supervised experience on deck. For Starter and Referee, experience at the preceding level is also required.

Here are the specific steps required:

1. Become a USA Swimming non-athlete member

a) 60 day apprentice membershipFill this form out NOW. You must complete your training in 60 days. You can wait for the full membership once you decide that this is how you want to volunteer.

          b) Full USA Swimming Non-Athlete Member registration – For those who are sure!

2.  Create a login/password for USA Swimming / Deck Pass (if you don't have one already) and link it to your non-athlete membership

3. Complete a (level II) background check

4. Complete the Athlete Protection Course

5.  Attend a Stroke and Turn Clinic.

6. Take and pass the Stroke and Turn online test

7. Complete four sessions on deck as an apprentice official during which time you will shadow an experienced official.

The above steps can be completed in about any order, although step #5 must precede step #7.


Officiating Videos from USA Swimming

Individual Medley


Forms for Officials