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APRIL 30, 2020

Hello Everyone,


Sorry for the delay in getting up the next dryland work out and video.  Here is the next video that I think is AWESOME - 1976 Olympics  4x100 Womens Free Relay (Americans in lane 3, third from the top).  This was a very controversial Olympics!  The East German team was suspected of using illegal performance enhancing drugs (parents explain this to younger swimmers).  They were cheating BIG TIME!  The proof didn't come out until later, so the victory by the Americans was a HUGE deal!  So funny that most of the swimmers didn't wear goggles and some no caps.  You were allowed one false start.  Watch as the 3rd American swimmer pulled ahead on the turn (see turns DO MATTER) against a capless East German.  Even though it was 44 years ago, I still get excited watching it.  Turn up the volume and cheer!


1976 4x100 Womens Free Relay

Now for a workout that you can do - here you go!


1 15 Squat jumps 25 calf raises
2 1 min high knees 25 jumping jacks
3 20 knee push ups 10 regular push ups
4 20 jumping jacks 1 min butt kicks
5 40 Cross Jacks 20 star jumps
6 30 crunches 20 toes up in air & touch
7 10 regular push ups 20 knee push ups
8 1 min jump rope 25 jumping jacks
9 50 crunches 20 sit ups




Please check here for weekly to get dryland ideas and the lastest link to the best swim races in history.  


APRIL 15TH, 2020

Our first historic swim race one is the Men's 4x100 Free relay 2008 Bejing Olympics.   Fun Fact:  There is a picture of Robert with the anchor swimmer, Jason Lezak, on the board in the pool.  Robert and I have had the opportunity to meet and talk with Jason on a few occassions.  Outstanding race!  My favorite!

Dryland Fun #1 - Flip a coin workout.  Flip a coin to determine your exercise. Each exercise is done 3x.  Example:  Round 1 is Heads = 3 sets of 15 jump squats

ROUND 1 15 jump sqats 25 calf raises
ROUND 2 1 minute high knees 25 jumping jacks
ROUND 3 20 kneeling push ups 10 push ups
ROUND 4 20 jumping jacks 1 min butt kicks
ROUND 5 10 burpees 20 russian twists
ROUND 6 30 crunches 20 kneeling push ups
ROUND 7 5 regular push ups 25 jumping jacks
ROUND 8 1 minute jump rope or run in place 20 sit ups
ROUND 9 20 toes touches (legs in air) 20 step ups

If you don't know the exercise, you can google it or substitute.  This ones tough!  Have fun.