2017 Member Registration

2017 Membership Application Period is Open!

Becoming a Member

New and Returning Members-
Please log in and create an account. After logging in, you can use this website to purchase your membership.

Dunsinane in now accepting membership renewals and new member applications for the 2017 season. Membership fees remain unchanged from last season. The pool opens on Friday evening, May 26th.

Annual Dues for 2017 are as follow (no increase for the last FOUR YEARS):

Renewing Members Early Bird Discount – $375 plus tax ($402.19) if paid prior to May 6, 2017

Renewing Members regular dues – $400 plus tax ($424.63) after May 6, 2017

New members – $475 Initiation fee plus discounted dues of  $375 – Total $850 plus tax ($911.63) if paid after 03/31/2016

In order to receive the 2017 Membership Renewal rate, you must meet the following requirements:

  • You must have been a fully paid 2016 Dunsinane Member or

  • You took advantage of the 2017 New Member Special and have already paid your initiation fee (via Check or Square Invoice)

** Important - if you referred a new member under the current initiation special, the discount will not be reflected on your account at registration.  A refund of the $25.00 referral credit will be applied at the time your registration is approved.

Purchasing Guest Passes

If you wish to bring guests to the pool, you can purchase books of guest passes from the online store.

Guest Book Passes


Are you considering joining our pool but have questions that are not answered here?  Contact us at


The New Member Initiation Special continues through the end of 2017 Season.

1/2 off initiation fee for any new member if paid by September 4, 2017.  ($237.50 + tax due by 09/04/17)

To take advantage of the New Member Drive offer, please send e-mail to

Any existing member who refers a new member for the 2017 season will get $25 off of their dues for 2017.

Existing or New Members
    Early Bird Discount:  $375 if paid by May 6, 2017

Please contact Dirk Holsopple, Treasurer if you have any other questions.


Joining the Swim / Dive Teams

During your initial registration, you can also join the swim and dive teams.

When you register, you will also be allowed to pay for a Babysitter Pass.  Questions about that?  See the FAQ tab.

Memberships to Dunsinane are based on a family residing at one address.  We do not have separate prices for a single person membership.  A membership to Dunsinane will include anyone living in the home.

So, don’t delay! Get your summer plans started by renewing your membership now! We’ll see you at the pool!


Dunsinane Privacy Policy: The privacy of our members is very important to us. We will never sell, give away or use your information for anything other than internal club business. Internal club business includes: invitations to events, annual renewal mailers and swim and dive team information. Uncaptioned photos may be posted on our site, however, we will take any photos off upon request to any board member. We will not collect or store any information that is not important to the business of the club. We do not collect or store any credit card information on our servers. From time to time, we may send you email you with important information. You may request that we not send you information by email at anytime by contacting any board member. We may use your name in our overhead address system during swim meets, to locate you for pool business such as visitor access or pizza delivery.

Dunsinane Refund Policy: You may request a full refund of your membership fees to Dunsinane Swim and Tennis Club in writing within 72 hours of joining the club. If there are any questions regarding dues payment, you must speak with the pool manager or club membership chairperson.