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Raptor Coaching Applicants

Coaching Documents for Summer 2018 (click here to access documents)

DCFS Background Form (for all applicants 18 yrs or older)


The below points are a guideline that the Raptors board considers when evaluating an applicant for team coaching.  It is not meant to be all-inclusive and part of the process is also based on a personal interview with the Swim Team Board.  We look to place both coaches and athletes in a position to be successful.

Raptor coaching applicant Evaluation criteria considered for Coaching

1. Are they a current Raptor swimmer?

      A. For how many seasons?  

      B. Continuous?  

2. What is their commitment to swimming?

      A.  Current high school swimmer?  Skip a season?

      B.  Club swimming experience?  How much?

      C.  Summer long-course experience?

      D.  Any other swim-related experience?  Life guard training, CPR, First

           Aid, private lessons, etc.

3.  Academic record

      A.  Distinguished grades?

      B.  How many Honors classes?

      C.  High honor roll (how many semesters), project arrow?

      D.  Positive referrals (from middle or high school staff)

4. Concerns 

      A.  Any academic violations, disciplinary issues or problems with school,

           bus, etc?

      B.  Any police record or driving violations (Conference requires coach 

           background check for anyone 18 years or older)

      C.  Any issues as a swimmer or water polo player?

5.  Externalities

      A.  How many future seasons could applicant serve?

      B.  Conflicts with desire to travel, job, summer programs, etc

      C.  Commitment of the family to the Raptors- have they previously

           invested meaningful time into the Raptor program?  ( i.e. concessions

           chair, board member, committee head?)