Group Descriptions

National Group – Swimmers at Sectional level working toward Jr. National, National and Olympic Trial time standards.  This group is highly motivated to obtain the highest levels possible in the sport of swimming.  Attendance expectations are 95% or greater.  Swimmers in this group are highly accountable, will set short and long term goals and are expected to work directly with the coaching staff to achieve these goals.  These swimmers are expected to be team leaders and set a positive example for others to follow.  There are typically 6-9 practices per week for this group.  Weight training is required for swimmers in this group ($150/month)

National Development Group – Swimmers striving to obtain Sectional time standards and eventually working toward moving into the National group.  This group should be within 10% of Sectional time standards in at least one event.  Swimmers in this group are expected to have a good work ethic and maintain above 90% attendance of practices assigned. The emphasis for this group is on stroke improvement, aerobic conditioning and striving to compete at the highest level possible.  There are typically 6-7 practices per week for this group.   A typical test set for this group would be 8x100 on 1:15 or 1:20 SCY.  Weight training will be prescribed by the coaches for this group.  ($150/month)

Blue Group – Swimmers with state qualifying times standards who are working their way up to the higher levels.  This group will work on stroke improvement, aerobic conditioning, work ethic, goal setting and striving to continue to improve to be their personal best.   A year round commitment to the sport is expected.  This group is highly motivated and should obtain 85% or greater attendance. Swimmers should be able to do a legal 400 IM and a typical test set would be 8x100 on 1:30 SCY.  There are typically up to 6 practices per week for this group.   Dryland activites are incorporated into practice plans for this group but coaches may suggest weight training for older, more developed swimmers. ($125/month)

Silver Group -  Swimmers who are beginning to value and understand their potential in swimming.  The emphasis will be on stroke development, aerobic conditioning and competing at their highest level possible.  They will be having fun and learning to appreciate their teammates and the importance of working together toward a common team goal as well as their own short term and long term goals.  Swimmers should be able to do a legal 200 IM, perform a flip turn, demonstrate knowledge of the pace clock, push off in a streamline to the flags with a dolphin kick and perform both a track state and backstroke start effectively.  Attendance expectation is to strive for 5 practices every 2 weeks. There are typically 3 practices per week for this group. ($85/month)

Rising Dolphin Group – 14 and younger age swimmers who are just starting in the sport.  These swimmers will focus primarily on stroke development and begin to focus on aerobic conditioning.  They will learn to understand the basics of the sport and the importance of teamwork.  Swimmers need to be able to perform a legal freestyle with rotational breathing and a legal backstroke.  There is no attendance expectation yet at this level. There are typically 3 practices per week for this group. ($85/month)