Water Polo


Cerritos Water Polo plays games!      Games played since Sept 2013...  55

                                                                                                             Games played Sept. 2012 - August 2013... 62

                                                                                                             Games played Sept. 2011 - August 2012... 71

                                                                                  Games played Sept. 2010 - August 2011... 94


Cerritos Aquatic Club (CAC) Water Polo is a very active year-round team and a great place to learn the sport of water polo.  To keep athlete costs down we often host scrimmage games against other clubs or HS teams at our pool during normal practice hours.  However, we do participate in several tournaments throughout the year: the Coastal Zone league and championships in the fall, Winterfest in February, and the Junior Olympic events in the spring and summer, among others.

Coach Paul has been coaching water polo for over 30 years and has been the Whitney HS Water Polo coach for over 25 years.  He excels at drilling the fundamentals of the sport and expects each player to be accountable for his/her own performance on the team... something every pre-teen and teen needs to grasp as they move into HS.  As the individual grows as a player, the team grows as a whole.  Don't worry... he barks but he doesn't bite... and he cares a whole lot about you.

Our current age group teams are:

     14U Boys/Co-Ed

     12U Boys/Co-Ed

We would love to start a 14U Girls and 12U Girls... we just need enough athletes.

We have a few regular Masters athletes (ie post-college) that drop-in to practice or scrimmage from time-to-time; many of them current or former Cerritos lifeguards or former HS players.  This is invaluable to our team as it elevates their level of play and demonstrates first-hand how experienced players "know" the game even if they are not as physically fit as they once were.  If you are interested in participating as a Masters player, please speak to Rob Dominik.  If there is enough interest, we will enter a few local tournaments this year.

Why Water Polo?  Why now?

One of the many advantages of CAC is that we are both a swim team and a water polo team.  Our feeling is that every swim athlete will be presented with the question of trying water polo in their HS years... and many will choose to play.  So why not be exposed to the sport now where you can develop the fundamentals and skills needed to excel in your HS years.  (We encourage our members to participate in all water sports; ask Coach Mark about how many of our swimmers compete in body surfing competitions in the summer.)

Since we offer both swimming and polo, we are very flexible in helping you as an athlete to participate in both... perhaps you swim for 6 months and then play polo for 6 months, or perhaps you practice polo on M-W-F and swim on T-Th, or... ???  The opportunities are limitless.

Over the years we have also observed the benefits of offering these programs side-by-side, namely that the strongest and fastest swimmers are often water polo players.  So if you want to make a big name for yourself as a swimmer as you approach your college years, you will definitely want to play polo for a season or two.

Ready to start?  Come on by the pool and speak to Coach Paul for more information.