Swim Groups

Level 1

Description:  This is an entry level group designed for swimmers who have successfully completed or demonstrated proficiency through Stage 6 of lessons and/or the Intro to Competitive Swimming program.  This group is a great way for athletes to continue developing swim skills while having fun and learning the basics of competitive swimming. Swimmers in this group must have a basic understanding of all 4 competitive strokes, and be able to perform a (mostly) legal 100IM.

GoalsImproving on foundations set in lessons and pre-competitive program. Mastering bi-lateral breathing in freestyle, flip turns, competitive starts.

Practice AttendanceIt is recommended that swimmers attend 2 to 3 practices each week.

Competition: Select meets throughout the season, usually about 1 a month, and all qualified championships. 


Level 2

Description: This group dives further into the world of competitive swimming, with an emphasis on stroke development, team work and an increasing level of competition. Swimmers become familiar with a standard practice regiment, and continue to develop stroke skills. Swimmers in this group must meet the requirements for Waterspouts, as well as legal 100IMs and 50s of all 4 competitive strokes.

Goals:  Stroke skill development and beginning aerobic endurance. Starting to learn pace clock management, increasing development of open turns, backstroke turns, breaststroke turns and pull-outs. Consistent streamline off of the wall.  Increased effectiveness of competitive starts and finishes. Basic goal setting.

Practice Attendance: Each swimmer is encouraged to attend at least 3 practices each week.

Competition: Select meets throughout the season, usually about 1-2 a month, and all qualified championships. 


Level 3

Description: This group is designed to transition swimmers into a more structured training environment, and is the first level of our competition-focused training groups.  Athletes will build on fundamentals with a bigger emphasis on training and competition, and should be prepared to be challenged during practice sessions with increased practice times and lengths. Swimmers should meet all previous group requirements, in addition to a 200IM, and increasing distances of all 4 strokes.

Goals: Proficiency in all starts and turns; improved endurance and training capacity; ability to successfully manage intervals on a pace clock without the aid of the coach; basics of goal setting; increased distances of strokes in competition.

Practice AttendanceSwimmers are expected to attend 4 to 5 practices each week.

Competition: All meets, and qualified championships