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Time Standards

2017-2018 Indiana Championship Standards 

 - this is where divisional and state time standards are located for Indiana

USA Swimming 2017-2020 Time Standards

 - this is where national motivational time standards are located (for example "B" time, "BB", "A" etc)


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Other time standards can be found at:

Indiana Swimming:

USA Swimming:



Pool Distances and Time Conversion Tools:

How are swim times different at larger pools?  If this is your first season with Flashes Aquatics, or even if you are a returning swimmer, it is sometimes difficult to understand the difference in times from SCY (short course yards) to LCM (long course meters) and also SCM (short course meters).  Here is an article that explains how and why times are different:   There are several time conversion tools out there, here is a good one if you want to convert a time:


Meet Results:  As soon as we receive official results from meet hosts we will post the results to our website.  Instructions on how to view meet results is posted here: