**Now accepting Applications for 2019 LC Zone Team Chaperones**


If you would like to be considered as a Chaperone for the 2019 Long Course Zone Team - CLICK HERE to complete the Chaperone Application.


After the team has been selected, we will select chaperones that best fit the requirements of the team based on age group, gender, etc.  You will be notified by the Zone Team Manager if you have been selected to serve as a Chaperone. Please do not complete the steps below prior to receiving confirmation.

As a chaperone you will be expected to travel with the team, assist with meals and logistics, monitor on deck, monitor and restock the team snack room, monitor/patrol the halls in the hotel at night and other responsibilities as needed.

Allegheny Mountain Swimming will cover the cost of transportation (team busses), all meals*, Chaperone T-Shirts, and entry into all sessions of the Zones Meet.

  • For 10 & Under chaperones, we cover 50% of hotel room.
  • For 11 & Over chaperones we cover 100% of hotel room based on 2 Chaperones per Room.  Chaperones may request their own room for an additional fee (half of the total room cost).

*10 & Under Chaperones are responsible for Thursday and Friday dinner on their own for Short Course Zones and Wednesday, Thursday and Friday dinner on their own for Long Course Zones.


Steps to becoming a Chaperone

Chaperones must submit a USA-Swimming non-athlete registration form, complete the USA Swimming Criminal Background Check, and complete the Athlete Protection Training (APT) before they can chaperone a USA-Swimming event.  There is a time delay between when the registration form is processed (Step 1) and when the APT course can be taken (Step 3), therefore, this process should be started as early as soon as  you receive confirmation that you have been selected. 

  1. Step 1: Complete Non-Athlete USA-Swimming Registration Form (link and instructions below)
  2. Step 2: Complete the USA Swimming Criminal Background Check (link and instructions below)
  3. Step 3: Complete Athlete Protection Training (link and instructions below)

Note: Step 3 can only be done after the AMS Registrar receives your registration form (Step 1) and loads you into the USA-database. Step 2 Background Check can be done right away.


Step 1: Complete Non-Athlete USA-Swimming Registration Form

Go to the AMS Web Site and click the Registration Information button on the right side of the screen.  Scroll down to the Non-Athlete Forms and select the “2019 Unattached Non-Athlete Application”.   You can still input your club, but that version has a link to pay the registration fee electronically.

Step 2: Complete the USA Swimming Criminal Background Check (background checks from other entities are not accepted by USA Swimming)

The background checks are valid for 24 months.  Click on “Initiate a Background Check” and follow the prompts for either a New Member or Renewing Member (both are $38.00). You will start the process on the USA Swimming website and then will be redirected to the Intellicorp website to complete the required information.  You must pay with a credit card at that time.   Be sure to print the “Confirmation Report” and the “Thank You” page at the end. Keep these pages as confirmation that you initiated a check.  You will be notified directly by Intellicorp when your background check has cleared.  AMS will also be notified.

Step 3: Complete Athlete Protection Training (APT)

The survey questions at the end of each module must be completed for the restults to post.

This training can be done after your registration form has been sent to the AMS Registrar and your name is loaded into the USA-Swimming database.