Volunteering At Mount Vernon

The Makos swim team relies on parent volunteers to ensure a fun and rewarding summer swim experience for everyone. Without your time and effort, it's simply not possible to run the team. We require at least 10 hours of volunteer time per family each season. You can fulfill this requirement in a number of ways – for a complete description of all volunteer roles, please see below.  

Volunteer Hours

Your volunteer hours will be tracked online. Mount Vernon Canyon Club Member Accounts will be automatically billed $100 each month (June & July) until your required 10 hours for the season is fulfilled. When the 10 hours has been met, the fees will be refunded to your account. A volunteer sign-up sheet will be available prior to each swim meet.


MVCC Volunteer Positions




Management Volunteer Positions - Ongoing

Makos Parent Advisory Board: The Makos Parent Advisory Board (MPAB) is both a governance and a management board serving the needs of the swim community.  The MPAB meets regularly throughout the year to ensure proper strategic, operational and governance and management of the swim team; coordination of parent involvement necessary to support the organization and execution of swim meets; and social activities that build and foster the Makos community.

  • Team Coordinator:  Serves as the official representative of MVCC on behalf of the swim team. Works directly with Head Coach and Director of Recreation & Activities. Jodi Dorkin
  • Volunteer Coordinator:  Manages the primary operational processes associated with the smooth execution of home and away meets and oversees most of the lead meet volunteers.  This is a fantastic role for someone who is highly organized and good at managing a team of lead volunteers.    Open
  • Communications:  Manages all communication processes associated with operating the swim team, inclusive of coordinating advisory board meetings, overseeing the design and management of the team website (and the communication process between coaches, the board and the swim community and coordinates with local media and club newsletters to publicize team accomplishments. Jodi Dorkin

Meet Volunteers: Swim Deck Operations


Home Meet Announcer:


Meet Official:  We are required to provide up to three meet officials for both our home and away meets. Officials training will be provided for you at no cost to you. For those parents who have swum competitively, this is a great opportunity to be at pool side during the meet. For those parents who have not swum competitively in the past, this is a great way to learn what our swimmers must do to swim a legal event.  Training is minimal. New officials complete a one hour lecture and a one hour water training, while returning officials complete only a one hour training.


Officials Clinics @ Green Mountain Rec Center
4/26 @ 4:30
5/21 @ 4:30
5/31 @ 4:30
Please direct any and all officiating questions to:
Jim Fernald, - the Foothills Swiim Association Head Official.
Brad Sjostrom - MVCC Head official

Meet Results/Computer Entry: This position is stationed with the computer.  This takes the times from each event and verifies the numbers are correct, gets the results for each event, prints out the results and labels for the ribbons, and posts the results. This volunteer is only for our home meets.

Head Timer:  This is a critical volunteer role given that we need accurate timing at each home meet.  This volunteer recruits, trains and coordinates all the timers for the three home meets.  Occasionally, MVCC is on-point to provide timers for away meets. This person would ensure that we meet our timing obligations for away meets at such times.  The head timer managed our timing equipment.  

Lane Timers:  Timers are needed at every meet to help time each race.  The head timer will provide training (quite simple – just have to run a stop watch) to prepare lane timers for each meet.  We need 2 timers per lane throughout the entire meet, as well as backup timers to ensure that your swimmers times are captured accurately.  This is a great role for those parents that like to get to know the swimmers and be in the center of the action.

Heating: The heating area is where the swimmers go to be placed in their assigned lane and heat before their event. In the heating area volunteers help ensure the kids are in the right lanes and get to the blocks for their event. Someone in the heating area makes the announcements for which events are coming up.  

Hospitality/Runner: The hospitality person brings refreshments around to the swim deck volunteers (timers, officials, heating team and coaches).  In addition they will occasionally collect the timing sheets from the timers and run them over to the computer entry team.  This is a very easy role – especially for a volunteer with minimal swim experience.

Home Meet Set Up/Tear Down: This happens the evening or morning before a home meet.  We need  one or two parents to supervise.  Duties include: work with volunteers to move the lounge chairs out from behind the blocks, get the heating area staged, organize the coaches area, and set up the team tent (when away).  For tear down, volunteer parents will supervise that we put the pool back the way it is normally set up. 

Home Meet Number Board: This person is stationed over by the slide.  They listen for the numbers of events to be called from the heating area then change the number on the board so that swimmers know when their events are coming up and when they have to report to the heating area.   

Away Meet Tent Set-up/Tear Down:  We have a large tent that we set up at away meets so we don’t all have to bake in the sun all day.  The tent lead brings the tent to the meet and gets others to help them set it up and then is responsible for getting help to pack the tent back up and take it back to the club.


Non-Meet Volunteers - Ongoing

Ribbons/Family Folders: Ribbons will be prepared after each home meet.  Once they are prepared, the volunteer needs to be put the ribbons into the swimmer’s family folders. This is a nice volunteer role for the busy parent who likes to attend one or two swim practices each week – as the ribbons can be done while your swimmer is in the pool.

Friday Fruit:  Every Friday bring orange slices and banana halves to swim practice between 8:00 and 8:30 AM.  This is a good non-meet job. 


Team Photographer:  Takes pictures during meet and practices for upload to Facebook, Instagram and Makos Website.