Job Descriptions

Clerk of Course:  

Assist with all aspects of lining swimmers up for events.  Reports to Clerk of Course Parent Chair.  Arrives 30 minutes before meet start.

Meet SetUp and Take Down

Set up of ropes, stanchions, starter, podium, bullpen, flags, lane lines.  Take down after meet.  Arrive 30 minutes before meet start.


Announces all events for the meet and keeps meet on track/on time. 

Head Official

Provides relief for Stroke and Turn officials.  Responsibilities include conduct officials meeting before each meet, secure blocks and timers before each event. Requires Officials training.  Determine that all officials have attended a NSC official’s clinic and that they are wearing their badges.

Official – Starter

Works the light/buzzer to start events.  Requires Officials training and significant meet experience.

Official – Stroke

Watches swimmers for stroke violations.  Requires Officials training.

Official – Turn

Watches swimmers for turn violations.  Requires Officials training.


Circulates around the pool to collect timing sheets and D/Q cards from officials.


Assists in entering and/or checking times as they are entered into the computer system.  Must check in prior to going to the scorers table.  This job involves circling the middle time for each swimmer on the lane timer sheets. If disqualified Scorer will need to indicate that. Lane sheets need to be placed in even and lane order and handed to the computer input worker.



Must report for assignment 15 minutes prior.  Stands at a lane and uses a stopwatch to time events.  Checks each swimmers name with the swimmer. If no swimmer please indicate NS on lane sheet.

Meet director

Supervises all volunteers and hands out name tags.  Check volunteers in right at front gate.  Meet director must find replacement worker if one does not show for assignment.  The meet director provides the work coordinator with a list of workers who completed their assignment.  

Heat Winners

Distribute bag tags to heat winners for each race.




Provide snacks and water to Timers, Scoring and Officials throughout the meet.





Services food and drink to our home team and the visiting teams. Specific areas of concessions will be assigned and emailed to you prior to the meet.