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The Lake Jackson Aquatic Club is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization.  The philosophy of the team is to teach all four strokes to each swimmer and train them for all events in their age group.  The swimmers who go to meets are expected to swim all events in their age group at least twice a year (once in short course season and once in long course season).  While some swimmers may be intimidated by this at first, the more times they swim an event in competition, the more confidence they gain, and the more the focus becomes more on improving their times.

The 2 links below are part the parents package back in 1985.
1985 - History

1985 - Coaches Letter to Team

1986 Team Picture

2003-2004 Team Picture

2004 Team Picture

2005 Team Picture


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2015-2016 Team Picture

2015-2016 Team Picture