Short Course Season (November 1, 2017 - March 18, 2018)

Long Course Season (May - July, 2018)

The Williston Sea Lions offers competitive swim training for swimmers of all ages and ability levels: Level 1 through National Group Level. It is the goal of the Sea Lions to provide specific training for all of our athletes geared towards challenging each individual and developing them to the best of their abilities.

Our Head Coach will evaluate new swimmers and  place swimmer into an appropriate training level based upon abilities, commitment, and goals. Regularly scheduled testing will be provided throughout the season, giving swimmers the opportunity to advance should they meet level requirements and expectations.
All practice sessions will be held at the Williston Area Recreation Center's (ARC) - 50 meter pool for the Short Course season and Long Course season.
We welcome swimmers from ages 5 years and Older to join our competitive swim team.

Our swim team is structured into Team Levels

Level 1
Entry level group. Swimmers are able to:
- Swim 50 yards without assistance (1 length of the pool)
- Jump into the water without assistance

Level 2
- Swim a 100 IM legally
- 1 flip-turn (Free or Back)
- Streamline off walls
- Front start

Level 3
- Swim 3x200 IM legally
- Swim 6x100 Free on 2:00
- Kick 6x100 Free on 2:45

Senior Level
- Swim 8x100 Free on 1:45
- Kick 8x100 Free on 2:25
- Swim 8x100 IM on 2:00
- Qualify for state finals in 5 or more events

National Level
-swim 10x100 Free on 1:15
-kick 10x100 Free on 1:35 
-1 Zones, Sectionals, Junior Nationals, or Nationals cut time
Practice: 10 times per week. 3 days of dry land exercises per week are strongly encouraged.  
Requires a deep commitment and requires a 100% effort each practice day.