Welcome to the RACE College Recruiting site.

This information will help the upper classmen swimmers of RACE scout out potential collegiate swimming opportunities.

This choice can be a difficult one.  Keep in mind, your coaches, family and friends are here to help you navigate this process.


Here are a few things to consider while going through the process.  

1 - Location.  Where do you want to spend the next 3-5 years of your life?

2 - Major, what will you be doing when you graduate?  Since swimming is not a profession - you may need to find something else you're good at as a career.

3 - Is the school you are interested in close to an area where you can do an internship or meet with professionals in the area of interest?   (references when you apply to Grad School, or internships to see if you really do want to do this).

4 - Team - If you're choosing to swim competitively for the college, what's the coach like?  How does the entire team respond to the coach?  Check the website - where were they last year at conference,  Nationals?  Did the number of qualifiers go up or down?  What were some swimmer's times when they started swimming for the coach?  What are their times now?  Which coach will you be swimming with?  Head Coach or Assistant Coach?

5 - Visiting the team / campus - when you do a recruiting / visiting trip, how many swimmers did you meet?  How many are on the team?  What percentage did you have access to when you visited?  Did they seem like they wanted you to meet all the swimmers and there just wasn't enough time, or did it seem like they were the only ones on the team and they mentioned, some of the swimmers . . . . ?

6 - Where do you fit in on the team?  Are you a big fish in a little pond (do you already have most of the team records and can contribute)?  Or are you going to be a little fish in a big pond - where you're not top 10 but can be pushed in training to perform more?  Either way . . . will you continue to grow in the sport to maximize your potential?


Swim recruit form - fill out this information; so you can have it near you when you fill out any online profiles from the services listed below.
*excel version
*pdf version

NCAA Clearinghouse (click here)
NAIA Eligibility (click here)

Some of the profile on-line sites below may ask for a minor fee.  This fee is to help maintain their sites and database costs to provide a service for all of the students (Sophomore to Senior) who are looking for a college to attend.  These services also do other sports other than swimming.   Check them all out first before deciding to subscribe to one or more.  Make sure they have the features you need to help you find your next swim team.

BE-RECRUITED website - an online service most college coaches use to find swimmers.  Please be sure to keep your information updated. 
Create your profile online. 
You can use their 'school' finder to see what schools have a swim program as well as have the major / field of study you're interested in earning your degree.

NCSA Athletic Recruiting - website
Create an athlete profile and fill in the appropriate information.

American College Connection - website
Great resource to get preliminary information about the process.

College Swimming website
Click in here and establish a profile to help you search for schools.

Look For It  - website
Log in to create your profile. 

Captain U - website
Will ask you to create a profile.  Then select a school of your interest.  It will then list several schools of similar size / ability programs.   The website will then generate a couple of letters for you to send to their Head / Recruiting coaches.  The letter is sort of a 'form' letter.  You will need to adjust some information to be more specific to you.

USA Swimming updated their website recently (and these links have been moved) - I'll keep looking for them, and repost the updated links when I find them.
*USA Swimming site great resources - click here -
*USA Swimming site (timeline for swimmers in high school)
*USA Swimming site (resources on how to decide which school / if swimming)