Team Information

Swim Meet Checklist: Have you packed everything you need for meet day? Double check with the list that coaches have made for you below!

  • Swim Bag
  • Swim Suit
  • Goggles (Bring extra just in case you misplace or break the ones you have)
  • Swim Cap (Bring extra just in case you misplace or rip the one you have)
  • Towels
  • Shoes (Most meets require athletes to have feet covered for safety; flipflops,sandals, sneakers)
  • Warm Clothes (Bring extra clothes to keep warm during the meet. This helps with keeping your muscles relaxed so you do not cramp up)
  • Blanket to lay on or sit on (Some meets allow you to bring chairs, please ask a coach or read swim meet description to make sure)
  • Entertainment (Cards, Phone, DVD, Toys, etc)
  • Food.. please make healthy choices (See team nutrtion for suggestions)
  • Sharpie, Highlighter, Pen ( Many swimmers use the sharpie to write events on their hand. Parents use the highlighter to highlight events kid(s)/team are swimming in, and the pen is often used to write down times/splits)

Parent Checklist: Parents/Guardians, do you have everything you need? Double check with the list that coaches have made for you below:

  • To check off the list above (Swimmers Needs) before leaving the house!
  • Folding chair (Note that some locations do not allow personal folding chairs. Please either ask a coach or read the swim meet description to make sure you can or can not bring chairs OR keep them in your car just in case)
  • Money (Many meets have a concession stand or a swim store)
  • Ear Pluggs: *Optional* (Swim meets can get pretty loud)
  • Expect meets to last about 4 hours but know that some are longer.
  • Parents are not allowed on the pool deck at any time. Only those with deck passes such as coaches, officals and timers can be on the pool side. *(A few really small pools only have seating on the pool side so this rule is overlooked so long as parents are not at the edge of the pool or in the way of officials who are walking up and down the pool to observe proper swimming technique).
  • Cameras are allowed but no flash during the start of each race! This is actually a rule due to the staring Strobe that is used for those swimmers who have hearing impairments. Your flash can cause a swimmer to start early or "False Start". Parents who do not turn off their flash can be asked to leave the meet.