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Welcome to our 2020/2021 season!

Link: Waveriders 2020/2021 Revised Swim Schedule

Link: Waveriders Schedule May 3 to June 11, 2021


The Waveriders Swim Club offers training and practice groups for swimmers of all ages and ability levels. It is the goal of the Waveriders Swim Club to offer age specific training for all of our athletes geared towards challenging each individual and developing each individual to the best of THEIR abilities.

We have both Competitive and Pre-competitive programs:

A quick overview:
Pre-Competitive Program – This is an introduction to the competitive program in a friendly environment. Swimmers will work on the fundamentals of all strokes, starts and turns, with a fun format, introducing them to competitive swimming. There are four levels in this program.

Competitive Program  - In order to enter the competitive programs, you must have obtained or are nearing the 200IM standard of sub-4 minutes. Swimmer groups are chosen at the coach’s discretion.

* If you are uncertain what group your swimmer should be registered in, or if you would like to move your swimmer from Pre-competitive to Competitive please contact Coach Jeritt at [email protected] or use the Contact Us link in the left hand column of the Waveriders website. *

Below is a description of each group and the requirements to enter them:

Pre-Competitive Groups:

Level 1 ($69.00/month)
· 2 sessions offered: Session #1 Oct-Dec &  Session #2 Jan-May
· 2 X 30 min swim/week
· New and young swimmers
· Must be able to swim 50m on their own (Due to Covid coaches cannot be in the water with the swimmers)
· Must be 7 years or older

Level 2 ($75.00/month)
· October – May
· 3 X 30 min swim/week
· Age range typically from 7-9 years
· Able to swim 25 meters freestyle with their head in the water, and 25 meters of backstroke

Level 3 ($81.00/month)
· October – May
· 3 X 60 min swim/week
· Age typically range from 7-10 years
· Able to swim 200m free, 100 back, 50 breast and 25 fly
· They will be encouraged to attend small local meets

Level 4 ($93.00/month)
· October – June
· 4 X 60 min swim/week
· Able to swim 300free, 200 back, 200IM, 100 breast and 50 fly
· Emphasis on proper stroke technique starts and turns.
· Swimmers close to the 200IM standard of sub-4 minutes will be encouraged to attend swim meets

Competitive Groups:

Bronze ($117.00/month)
· October – June
· 4 X 60 min swim/week + 1 90 min swim/week (early morning)
· Swimmers are encouraged to attend competitive swim meets
· Must have obtained or nearing the 200IM standard of sub-4 minutes
· First introduction into morning swim practices

Silver ($125.00/month)
· October – June
· 3 X 60 min swim/week + 2 90 min swim/week (1 early morning)
· Swimmers are committed to the sport of swimming
· Are preparing to compete at championship meets
· Endurance and technique focused

Gold ($141.00/month)
· October – June
· 1 X 60 min swim/week + 4 X 90 min swim/week (early morning)
· Fully committed to competitive swimming; high attendance & participation is expected
· Training to compete at Provincial meets
· Mandatory parent participation in all fund-raising activities

Platinum ($157.00/month)
· October – June
· 2 X 60 min swim/week + 4 X 90 min swim/week (early morning)
· This program is for intensive training and high level of performance
· Higher commitment to quality training is required
· Qualified for Provincial or higher swim meets
· Program is structured to help swimmers deal with pressure
· Mandatory parent participation in all fund-raising activities

· Due to Covid 19 we will not be offering dryland or yoga this year.


Please send us an email at [email protected] to request more information.