Fee Structure for Year Round Swimmers

WHITE Group-$960 per year divided into 12 monthly payments of $80 

SILVER Group-$1,200 per year divided into 12 monthly payments of $100

 ​GOLD Group-$1,440 per year divided into 12 monthly payments of $120

Fees are considered late on the 15th of the Month, and a late fee of $10 will be automatically applied to your account.  There is a Multi-Swimmer Discount of 10% for 2nd child, 15% for 3rd, and any additional siblings are free.

*Swimmers with accounts more than 30 days past due will not be able to participate until accounts are made current.

*If you plan to discontinue swimming with the team, you must notify us via email by the 25th of the prior month in order to not be charged.  A reinstatement fee of $100 must be paid in order to return to the year round team.


Swim fees will not be pro-rated for absences or vacations.  No fees will be refunded for missing practices, unless due to injury, in which a physician’s note is to be provided. TTW swim team is a year round team and fees are not pro-rated during holidays or for canceled practice sessions over which we have no control. Fees are paid monthly but are not reflective of that month’s practices.


Meet entry fees are set by the host team and are charged on a per event basis.  In addition to meet fees, some teams charge a per athlete facility surcharge that is usually between $5 and $15.

There will be a minimum of $10 team surcharge per athlete for all meets.  These surcharges help cover coaches’ expenses (specifically gas and room). The surcharge amount is based on: length of meet, distance to meet, number of swimmers attending, etc. The maximum team surcharge per athlete is $50 for a standard meet, and $100 for a championship meet.

Meet fees must be paid regardless of attendance at the meet. NO EXCEPTIONS for any reason. Once a swimmer has signed up for a meet, TTW has sent payment to the host team.

 Registration Fee

$40 for new swimmers, completed thru the start registration link on our website

USA Swimming Year Round Registration

Any swimmer wishing to be a part of the TTW year round program must have a year-round USA registration.  The cost is $78 dollars and covers from Sept 1, 2019 all the way until December 31, 2020.