Our Programs



Our approach has been proven time and again to get new swimmers water safe quickly and to help competitive swimmers excel at their highest level and go beyond their current times and abilities.

And we do it all with an abundance of fun, a feeling of family, and an absence of fear.

We help our swimmers be safer, compete smarter, feel confident and enjoy a life-long love of the sport.

Parent-Tot Lessons

For children 4 months to 3 years, we offer Parent-Tot Lessons, which are run at Central Park Pool. This class is designed to teach parents the skills necessary to safely interact with and teach their children at the pool in a fun and productive way.


Lap Pool Lessons

We offer Lap Pool Lessons at Central Park Pool for all levels of people throughout the Tri-County area. Our Lap Pool Lessons follow the SwimAmerica Curriculum, which was developed by the American Swimming Coaches Association. Using this curriculum, SwimPeoria teaches the most efficient swimming techniques in a simple, easy to follow format where each level builds on the skills learned in previous levels.


Adult Lessons

SwimPeoria is a proven, highly successful way for adults to quickly learn to swim correctly and safely. We customize our Adult Learn to Swim programs for each swimmer. Whether you are excited about learning the basics or are overcoming a fear of the water, our expert adult instructors will design a program that helps you reach your goals.

Private Lessons

At SwimPeoria, we offer private lessons for swimmers of all ages and abilities. The private swimming lessons are structured to develop swimming skills and teach you proper technique at an accelerated rate based on your abilities. With our private lessons we have found that swimmers advance their swimming skills at a much faster rate than the group lessons.

Private and Semi-Private Video Lessons , Stroke Clinics, and Start and Turn Clinics

At SwimPeoria, our expert coaches know that proper stroke technique is paramount to becoming a faster swimmer. Whether you are swimming distance freestyle or a 50-yard butterfly, our video lessons will address key points and common flaws in everyone's stroke.

Aqua Zumba and PiYo

SwimPeoria is teaming up with Sue Neff, Central Illinois' best fitness instructor, to bring you the best aqua and land fitness workouts money can buy.   Aqua Zumba is a fun and easy to learn aqua cardio class. Aqua Zumba infuses Latin and World rhythms with easy to follow moves which tones, sculpts and melts away daily stress, leaving you energized and wanting more!  PiYo Live combines muscle-sculpting, core firming benefits of Pilates with strength and flexibility of yoga. PiYo speeds everything up by using dynamic, flowing sequences which burn calories and lengthen and tone muscles, and increase your flexibility. No hand held weights are used…just your own body weight and low impact.