H20 Safety

 Help us spread the word about water safety!

To acknowledge the growth and popularity of aquatic recreational activities in the United States, SwimPeoria aims to educate the population about water safety, focusing on how to prevent drowning, water illnesses, injuries, and reinforce appropriate behaviors to be aware about the dangers of water.

In 2009 statistics reported approximately 300 children drowning ages five years and younger, with another 3,000 near-drowning injuries in swimming pools and spas. This makes swimming pools and spas the leading cause of child accidental injuries. Sadly, 80% of these water related fatalities and injuries in children occur in a private residential area, such as a family home or a friend or neighbor's house.

For parents and adult supervisors it is critical that you stay educated and knowledgeable on how to help children be water safe. To learn more about parental education and appropriate precautions to take please visit our Parent Education Page.

Kids click on the Child Education page!!! You will find fun puzzles, coloring pages, and more to help you learn about being water safe!