Swim Suits


For meets, all Swimmers are required to wear a solid black swimsuit with (preferred) or without the team embroidered logo.  You can choose the brand/style but the girls suits must be competition style, one -piece solid Black suits.  Boys suits must be a competition, Jammer style solid Black suit.  Links to order at the bottom of this page to order from the Piranhas Team Shop.  Order your suits early to ensure timely delivery

Emboridery: We will be collecting suits at our Kickoff function to be sent in one bulk order for embroidery.  If you would like to have your suit embroidered, please bring it to the Kickoff in a ziplock bag or box labeled with your child's first and last name, along with $ 6.00 cash (exact change please) or check made payable to Pennbrooke Swim Team!  

Girls/Ladies Suit - TYR Solid Diamondfit (Black) - Sizes 20-42 available

Boys/Mens TYR Solid Jammer (Black) - Sizes 22-38 available