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The Waukee Rays swim team is run by family power. Active support by all the parents/families is needed for a successful season. If your swimmer is swimming you are REQUIRED to provide a volunteer and complete a minimum of one shift each home meet. ALL swimmers participating in the Waukee YMCA Rays Swim Team are included in this policy, regardless of age, level of participation or number of years with the team.

Failure to fulfill your volunteer obligations will result in exemption from participating in the next meet.

Home swim meets require close to 100 volunteers and away meets occasionally need volunteers. With your help we will have successful and smooth meets. Volunteer roles come in many forms. We are sure there is one or more that fit you.  Opportunities include:

How volunteering works

At the beginning of each season home meet event are added to the Meets/Event page job sign ups will be made available. Parents may sign-up for jobs (and change things) until the meet sign up closes, usually one week prior for home meets.

When the meet sign up closes, so will job sign up. Families with a swimmer signed up to swim that is not signed up for a volunteer shift will have their swim events declined by the coachIf you can't provide a volunteer at the swim meet don't sign your athlete up to swim.

Before the meet every volunteer will be contacted by their team lead (also a volunteer) who will share important details about where and when to check in for your volunteer shift and what to expect the day of the meet. If you have questions prior to receiving a contact from your volunteer lead you should contact volunteer coordinator: Celia Richards at iowabuzzbee@msn.com or 515-975-9181.

During the meet every volunteer must report for any required meetings and sign the volunteer check-in sheet with their team lead, in order to receive credit for their participation. It is the volunteer’s responsibility to sign in. Make sure you sign in! Unless excused by the meet director, the volunteer must remain during the entire length of the shift, regardless of when their swimmers’ races are completed.

Note: Families are invited to indicate shift preferences when signing up for a job, but know these are NOT guaranteed. We will attempt to honor but may not always be able to do so. 

Families may contact other volunteers to coordinate switching shifts (BEFORE THE MEET) but on the day of the meet the family MUST provide the volunteer at their designated shift to fulfill their volunteer obligation. Please remember our Team Leads are all volunteers too. Be respectful and polite in your dealings with them.


  1. Most meets are broken down into two halves and most volunteer jobs consist of working for one half (also known as one shift). The length of time one shift may take depends on the length of the meet-which varies.
  2. Family, friends, neighbors and teenagers needing silver cord hours are welcomed as your volunteer representative. It does NOT need to be the actual parent or guardian of the swimmer.
  3. Failure to fulfill your volunteer obligations will result in exemption from participating in the next meet

Note: While we encourage all families to volunteer, we understand that there are some cases in which it is just impossible to fulfill this obligation. If you are in this situation proactively contact the Program Director at (515) 987-9996 BEFORE the meet to discuss options. Failure to do so before the meet will result in exemption from participating in the next meet.

Responsibilities of Volunteers

When registering your child for the Waukee Rays Swim Team you agreed to fulfill the family volunteer requirements. These include:

  • Signing up for and completing the necessary hours of volunteer work.
  • Finding replacements for your volunteer jobs if you must miss at the last minute.
  • Contacting the Volunteer Team Lead, if replacements or emergencies arise.
  • Checking in at Volunteer Check-in at the beginning of meets you are working.

It is not the responsibility of the team lead to track you down for your shift. Failure to show up to your shift can result in your swimmer being exempt from participating at the next meet.

How to Sign Up For Volunteer Jobs

  1. Log in and click on the Tab labeled "Meets/Events".
  2. Find the Events you wish to sign up for, then click "Job Signup" button
  3. Click the box next to the job/shift you wish to sign up for and enter your contact number and name of volunteer.
  4. You can VIEW all your jobs on-line at any time!  Go to: "Events" > "Reports" > "Job Signup Report for My Account"

Note: The team reserves the right to modify your job selections within any given meet. The final job line-up will be sent by the volunteer leader from each team prior to each meet. Job descriptions can be found under the Volunteers tab above.  Don't delay - jobs are first come first served!    


If you want to know how you can get more involved see the team contact list for who to ask!