Swim Meets

2021 Meet Schedule (link)

Overview of Meets

Definitions of Meets (Time Trials, Dual, Invitational, City, Conference & County)

Time Trials

Time Trials is an intra-squad meet to establish base times for each swimmer in each event.  It also serves as a warm up meet, giving swimmers and families a bit of experience before the start of the season. 

Dual Meets

Saturday Morning and Wednesday Evening

Conference dual meets consist of two conference teams, with a set schedule of events. Non-conference dual meets have more flexibility in event order and participation.

  • Saturday Meets: (Start times can Vary) See below for typical meet times (TO BE UPDATED):
    • Home meets - arrive by 7:45 a.m.; 8:00 a.m. warm ups;
    • Away meets - arrive by 8:15, 8:30 a.m. warm ups
  • Wednesday Meets: (Start times can vary) See below for typical meet times (TO BE UPDATED):
    • Home meets - arrive by 4:15 p.m.; 4:30 p.m. warm ups;
    • Away meets -  Times can vary, please check newsletter for correct start times

Invitational Meets

An invitational meet is a meet that swimmers attend by invitation of the coaches only.  Participation is optional. Participants must pay their own entrance fees and families are expected to help work at the meet.

Walnut Creek All City Meet

The Walnut Creek All-City Meet is a two-day meet held in July.  All of the recreational teams in the city attend this exciting meet.  Each swimmer may choose three individual events.  Each team is assigned a grassy area to pitch tents and umbrellas.  City Meet tends to be a scorcher—bring lots of ice, water and shade!

Conference Meet 

Conference is a two-day meet held at the beginning of August.  All eight teams in the Walnut Creek Swim Conference participate in this meet: Indian Valley, Larkey, Rudgear Estates, Rudgear Meadows, Woodlands, Sun Valley, Walnut Heights and Dewing Park.  To be eligible for this meet, swimmers must have swum in at least two conference dual meets. Each child swims in two individual events, consisting of preliminary & final heats.

County Meet

The Contra Costa County Championship Meet (referred to as “County”) is another two day meet held in August.  To qualify for County, a swimmer must meet the time standards announced each year by Lafayette Moraga Youth Association swim club.  These time standards will be posted on the website and printed in the blue book.  It is an honor to make County, a meet that is recognized as producing some of the fastest recreational level swims in the nation!  Participation in the meet is optional.

County meet qualifying times can be found here.

Swim Meet Events

  • Medley Relay - All four strokes swum 25 or 50 yards per swimmer (back, breast, fly, free) All boy or all girl relay teams; 6&U may be mixed.
  • Freestyle 
  • Breaststroke 
  • Backstroke
  • Butterfly
  • Individual Medley (IM) - One lap of each of the four strokes; 6&U do not swim
  • Freestyle Relay - All boy or all girl relay teams; 6&U may be mixed

Swim Event Distances

  • 6&U  - One lap per event (25 yards)
  • 7/8    - One lap per event (25 yards)*
  • 9/10  - Two laps per event (50 yards)*
  • 11/12 - Two laps per event (50 yards)*
  • 13/14 - Two laps per event (50 yards)*
  • 15/18 - Four laps per event (100 yards)*

* IM events are four laps (100 yards)