Sea Ponies
2019 Sea Pony Program
Sea Ponies is an introductory swim program for children ages 4-7 years old who are not quite ready to begin swim team. Classes are held four days a week starting June 11.
Students learn beginning swim techniques aimed at transitioning them towards the freestyle stroke of competitive swimming. The Sea Pony program also gives families a chance to evaluate whether swim team is right for their child. The goal of the program is for students to be able to swim an unassisted lap of freestyle by the end of the season.
On the last day of the Sea Pony program, swimmers “race” in traditional Dewing Park Mini Meet.  All participants receive a ribbon. It is truly a highlight of the Seahorse season, to see our youngest swimmers and how far they came! 
During the first week of practice, Sea Pony coaches will assess the readiness of each child to participate in the program. If the coaches feel that a child is not ready, registration money will be refunded. Swimming experience is helpful. It is also critical that participating students be able to do the following:
  • Follow instructions of coaches
  • Place face in the water
  • Float on back with assistance
At any time in the season, the Sea Pony coaches will determine if a swimmer is ready to move up to the Seahorse Swim Team. At this time membership to the club will be prorated.
All Sea Pony swimmers must be fully potty trained, no swim diapers are allowed in this program.
For safety reasons, it is up to the coaches' discretion whether a child qualifies for the program.  We also cap this program at approximately 30 swimmers per season on a first come first serve basis and passing the coaching evaluation. For those interested in private or group swim lessons that will prepare their child for the following Sea Pony Season,  the Dewing Park Club or Swim Coaches can direct your toward appropriate classes.
2019 Season - Sea Pony Program runs from June 10-July 18, Monday/Tuesday/ Thursday/Friday , practices are held from 12:30-1:15 (subject to change), the cost per swimmer is $225.00
If you are interested in learning more about Sea Pony Program, please contact Heather Fontanilla or Jeff Pickett
Please note: All families interested in having their Sea Pony swimmer join the Swim Team at any time in the program must become a DPSC Swim Club member, pay difference in Swim Team Dues from Sea Pony Program to team and work pro rated jobs for obligations requirement to be on team. For information on membership and cost, please contact a Swim Team Director.