Team Supporters

Monthly Fees (paid directly to the YMCA):

YMCA Membership Fee varies by membership type - Click Here for More Info

Swim Team Cost: $45 Per Swimmer/month (This is in addition to the YMCA Membership Fee)


Oregon Swimming/USA Swimming Fees

New swimmers will pay this fee directly to the YMCA upon intital registration.

Renewing swimmers will pay this fee through their Team Unify account via ACH or Credit/Debit card once every year in October.

Flex Membership - $20 per year and limits the swimmer to only two sanctioned meets per year. Registration Form: /orygps/UserFiles/File/2022-application---flex-ff-063371_064587.pdf

Year-Long Membership - $76 per year with unlimited allowance on meet attendance per year. Registration Form: /orygps/UserFiles/File/2022-application---y-r-athlete-ff-013401_064947.pdf

Note: There is a reduced registration fee for families who qualify, you can go to the following link for Outreach Criteria guidelines and forms:


Swim Meet Fees (Paid through Team Unify Website through invoicing):

Fees will vary by meet but below will give a general example of how much a meet will cost:

Oregon Swimming Surcharge: $3 to $10 per swimmer

Facility Charge: $3 to $20 per swimmer

Event Fee: $2 to $4 per event per swimmer (usually a max of 3 to 4 events per day per swimmer)

Relay Fee: $7 to $10 per relay team

Lodging and food costs are the responsibility of each family.

As a member of the GPS team, you will have an account through our Team Unify Website. You will be able to set up a payment source (credit card or ACH) to enable your meet fees to be directly debited from your account.