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Information and Updates for Athletes and Parents 




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Great ideas for getting active!

This last week has been physically and mentally draining for all of us, particularly our children. The uncertainty, the lack of structured schedules and the “water bugs” we call our swimmers being out of the water adds a level of stress that is difficult for all.

I have set up a page on the website for updates and information for all of us. I will also email and scheduling  for practice information there, but please check frequently.

Parents keep asking about activities for their swimmers to keep in shape. You know your swimmers better than anyone. If they are fidgety and need to move run, bike, walk the dog, clean a closet, clean their swim bag and just get moving. It is important to watch their eating a bit. I know, I know I am one of those moms…but if they eat the same amount or more because they are anxious, and put on a few pounds it is not good for their shoulders and joints when we do get back in the water.

Jim has advised, other than the activity above, that the kids take this week off as we usually rest after championships anyway. We will get info to all of you next week regarding drylands and appropriate training for the groups.

I’ve listed a few interesting links below that the coaches have gathered up! If you find anything helpful swimming, school, mental support…please send it to me! I will share. Additionally, we do have a FB parent page, Snow Swimming Fans (you can actually post here and share your success stories and questions. I do monitor this page. Also, we have a SNOW Swimming FB and Twitter page…follow along if you can! I may have time to actually share more!

As far as all of the questions I have been receiving regarding refunds, I will ask you to be patient. The uncertainty of how we will be going forward, the lack of information about refunds from the County and the obligations the team has regardless of a break in time in the water. My focus is right now to take care of the team and our coaches. We may, in the future, be able to offer credit for time out of the water. I will do my best.

Now for the good stuff…

Elizabeth Beisel is hosting a Live Webinar and Q&A on March 18th, Wednesday, 2pm - 3pm EST. Registration is free, they just need to sign up via email to receive the link. The topic is on "Finding Your Silver Lining: How to Stay Motivated During Setbacks"Free Registration Link:

Update....missed this was today. I'm sorry.

Try the free Peloton app at home, now free for 90 days. Great studio training…


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Questions for swimmers and parents about COVID-19