Pool Rules


Welcome back to Dunsinane Swim and Tennis Club for the 2018 summer.  Please review the following rules with your children and guests to ensure that we have a safe summer.  If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to talk to a manager.  Thanks!


Please note:  Membership information will be kept at the front desk for each family.  When you arrive, please give the name of each member of your party.  Each guest that is not listed on the membership card must pay the guest fee.

-All guests must pay $5 at the time of entry. Infants under 3 years of age are free of charge.

-Guest passes may be purchased in books of 10. Each book costs $40.  Guests must be admitted by a member who is responsible for all actions of the guest(s).  Member must be physically at the pool at all times when guests are present.  When the member leaves, the guest must leave.

-No child may be left at the pool unattended unless they are 10 years old or older.   Any person 14 years or older may supervise younger children while they are at the pool.
-All members must enter through the front entrance. The back gates will remain locked at all times.

-Climbing the fences is absolutely prohibited.

-Parties must be scheduled in advance with a manager or assistant manager.  A party is not reserved until a non-refundable $25 fee is paid.

-Party guests will be charged $3 per person in addition to the $25 fee.  Payment for guests will be collected as the guests enter the party or a list of names will be taken and payment will be collected at the end of the party.


-No running unless you are in the grass.

-Rafts may be used at the discretion of the lifeguards

 -Noodles are to be used as flotation devices only. Misuse will result in the removal of the

-No chicken fights.

-You may not put individuals on your shoulders.

-Do not throw your children.

-No diving anywhere besides the diving well.

-When the diving boards are “closed,” head first diving into the pool can only be between the ladders and the diving board towers.

-Do not jump into the pool backwards.

-Do not do flips into the pool from the side.

-Stay off of the diving blocks.

-Do not talk to the lifeguard(s) unless you are asking them a pool/safety related question.

-Any child not potty trained must wear a swim diaper in the pool/baby pool.
-Flotation devices may not be used when jumping off the diving boards.

-When waiting in line, you must be on the ground until the person in front of you has left the board.

-Inward dives and reverse dives (gainers) are prohibited.

-Only one bounce is permitted when on the diving board.

-Goggles are permitted in the diving well only when the boards are closed.

-Do not throw balls or any other item to an individual who is jumping off of the board

-Parents may not wait in the water for their child or catch the child that is jumping off the board.

-All children should be accompanied by an adult while in the baby pool area.

-No children over 6 should be in the baby pool or on the playground equipment located in the baby pool area.

-When the whistle blows for rest period, anyone under 18 must exit the pool.

-The only children allowed in the water during rest period are infants accompanied by an adult.

-If thunder is heard or lightning is seen, all patrons must exit the pool and the lower deck, including grassy areas and tennis courts. The baby pool area must also be cleared.

-Everyone must remain on the upper deck under the awning for 30 minutes after the last thunder or lightning is heard/seen.  Judgment as to when the last thunder or lightning occurred is entirely up to the staff for safety reasons.



-Plastic containers must be used at the pool.  No glass is allowed on pool property. (i.e. beverage containers, etc.)  NO EXCEPTIONS!

-Do not park in the handicapped spaces (unless you have a placard) or anywhere that has hashed lines, even if you are just picking someone up.

-Smoking is only permitted in designated areas.  Smoking outside the front entrance must be at least 30 feet from the building.  This applies to all tobacco products and mechanical products (i.e. e- cigarettes).

-Do not stand or walk on the lawn chairs or the chairs under the awning.

-No animals are permitted on pool property.

-Dunsinane members and guests of legal drinking-age are permitted to carry in and consume alcoholic beverages at the pool (no glass containers please).  Consumption of alcohol shall be conducted safely and with courtesy and respect for other members, guests and pool employees.  If you choose to drink, do so responsibly.  Members and guests are requested to arrange for designated drivers as needed.  Please avoid drinking and driving.  Underage drinking is prohibited by law and shall be strictly enforced.

-Discourteous, offensive or obnoxious behavior and obscene or abusive language is prohibited at Dunsinane.  Pool lifeguards and managers are authorized to issue verbal warnings if behavior is deemed inappropriate.  The on-duty manager is authorized to direct persons who repeatedly ignore verbal warnings to leave the pool for the day.  In extreme cases a person may be temporarily suspended from the club.

-Members are expected to be familiar with club rules, and to advise their guests of pool rules and etiquette as necessary.



-Tennis shoes are preferred, but sandals are permitted on the courts. Some form of shoes must be worn at all times when on the courts.

-Do not throw or kick rocks surrounding the courts.

-Do not sit or lean on the nets.

- Please supervise young children on the courts.