Swim Gear

Swim Gear

  • Technical swimming equipment (fins, snorkel, etc). The required equipment for each group is listed in the Swim Gear tab under equipment. The items can be purchased anywhere but we recommend
  • Swim Suits can be purchased anywhere but we recommend . The Speedo Endurance brand is one of many perfectly suited for training suits. Boys are usually most comfortable wearing jammers and girls should aim for a standard suit of their liking. 
  • Swim goggles can be purchased anywhere but we recommend . Please purchase both mirrored and non mirrored goggles. Many brands work however 'Arena Track goggles' work very well for most swimmers.
  • Swim Caps  A team cap is distributed to each swimmer at the beginning of the season. Limited quantities of silicone ($13/cap) and latex ($5/cap) team caps may be available for purchase. Personalized caps are ordered once a year in the Fall.
  • Team Parkas  You can purchase a team parka online through TruWest via link: Piedmont Swim Team Parka with details on price, how long the order will take, and shipping info. Please note that parkas are custom and may not be returned once ordered. We strongly recommend you review the sizing chart tab before ordering or try on a fellow teammate’s parka. Order a size up for your child to grow into if you are unsure. 
  • Spirit wear will be available to order at least annually and may include t-shirts, hoodies, etc.  Look for emails in the Fall.

For spirit wear, please email Sarah at