Swim Gear

Swim Gear


  • Swim Suits can be purchased anywhere but we recommend . The Speedo Endurance brand is one of many perfectly suited for training suits. Boys are usually most comfortable wearing jammers and girls should aim for a standard suit of their liking. 


  • Swim goggles can be purchased anywhere but we recommend . Please purchase both mirrored and non mirrored goggles. Many brands work however 'Arena Track goggles' work very well for most swimmers. 


  • Team parkas may not be ordered online.  You must print out the order form (PDF or HTML form) from the link on the Norcal website and mail or fax to Norcal when completed, or call 1-800-752-7946. Parkas are custom (as are team suits) and may not be returned once ordered.  Each Fall, we will hold an equipment try-out day where there will be swimsuits and parkas available at the pool to try on to ensure correct sizing.  We strongly recommend you either wait until Fall or try on a fellow teammate’s before ordering. 


  • Personalized caps can be ordered annually in the Fall at  This personalized caps link will be available from 9/14/17 through 9/30/17 – after which time this link will be disabled.  There is a minimum order of 2 caps per name, and price is $29 per 2 caps. Caps will ship in bulk and be distributed by PST to reduce shipping charges.


If you have questions, please email Hui at