Parent FAQ

Park West Pirates  

To register you must be a resident of Park West and your child MUST be between the ages of 5-18 and able to swim an entire length of the pool unassisted.

Swimmers must be able to swim 1 length of the pool (25 yards/meters) unassisted for safety reasons. If your swimmer has not been in the water for several months and/or is not used to swimming a pool length (especially if they are a new swimmer), please consider enrolling them in the MPRD aquatic programs (or other swim programs) for at least the month of March/April, etc.

1) Mission Statement

  1. It is the object of the board and coaches to create a team that will foster good sportsmanship and team spirit.  We strive to improve the physical condition, self-esteem and technical skills of our team members through practice and competition.  Together with you, our parents and volunteers, we look forward to a season that is enjoyable for all who attend and participate.

2) Age group Description

  1. Your child’s age as of 01Jun2020 will determine which age group he/she swims with this summer.  Please refer to the swim groups tab on this website.  Swimmers may swim up for relays per head coach discretion.
  2. Children must be 5 as of 01Jun2020.  

3) Awards and Ribbons

  1. For regular reason swim meets, ribbons for individual events are given for places 1-6 (relays 1-3).  Heat ribbons will also be awarded.  Ribbons are given at Friday practice after each meet.
  2. For Championship meets, Medals are awarded for 1-3 place and ribbons for 4-8 place.
  3. For Park West Swimmers, team spirit awards are given to individuals in each age group who demonstrate team spirit, good sportsmanship, hard work and good character.  We also will recognize swimmers for various accomplishments throughout the season.
  4. For Park West Swimmers a participation award are distributed at the end of year banquet.  


  1. Signing up for meets
    1. Swim meet sign-ups will be performed through this website for each swimmer for each meet.  The deadline for meet sign-ups is Noon the Friday prior to the swim meet.  Due to our new swim software late entries cannot be accepted, so please ensure your swimmer(s) are signed up prior to the deadline.
    2. The coaches have to select events for over 150 swimmers, so it is critical they know by the deadline which swimmers will attend the meet.  Please alert the head coach the day of a meet is your swimmer is unable to attend so relays can be re-assigned.
  2. Arrival time for both Home and Away meets
    1. PW Home home Arrival: 4:45
    2. PW Home home Warm-ups: 5:00
    3. PW Home away Arrival 5:15:
    4. PW Home away Warm Ups 5:30  Meet Start times are always 6pm

When you arrive at a meet, please check in with the head coach.  Swim Meets will end at approximately 9pm

Swimmers should check in with the head coach before leaving the meet to ensure they have not been added to a relay. 

Warm-up, meet start and end times for Championships will be announced separately.

For inclement weather, meets will continue at the discretion of lifeguards or in the event there is no lifeguard, at the discretion of the coaches and meet referee.   A meet is considered complete after event 56 or during bad weather after event 38.

Called meets will be made up TBD if needed and if applicable

  1. Heat Sheets:
    1. Heat sheets (list of swimmer’s events, names, and lane assignments) will be emailed out/posted on the website by the day of the meet.  Events are chosen for your swimmer by the coaches based on number of swimmers at a meet, ability to swim the stroke legally, league restrictions, etc.
    2. Parents should bring a sharpie to each meet to record the meet’s grid on their swimmer’s arm showing their event, heat and lane assignments.  An example grid looks like this:

E     H     L

1      1      4   6 and under girls relay

24    2     6    7 and 8 girls 25 back

There will be Wranglers for each age group and a Clerk of Course that will line up the swimmers, but having this information written on your child’s arm will facilitate preparing all swimmers for their races. 

In addition, please write swimmers name on left shoulder blade in sharpie. 

  1. Swim Results:
    1. Will be posted to the PW website and emailed out by Friday after the meet.
  2. Relays:
    1. Relays will be listed under your children’s name on the heat sheet if your swimmer is  in a relay.  Relay swimmers are subject to change based on meet attendance.
  3. DQ = Disqualification
    1. A DQ occurs when a swimmer completes an incorrect turn, stroke, start or other illegal part of the swim.  The rules are different based on each stroke and event.  Each meet will have a Strokes and Turns Judge that watch each swimmer to ensure fairness and legality of each swim heat.  When a swimmer is DQd, the stroke and turns judge will note the reason for the DQ, which will be passed on to the head coach.  DQs will be discussed with swimmers at the next practice following the meet.
  4. East Cooper Swim League Championship Meet
    1. ECSL Champs meet is at the end of the summer season and is open to all swimmers.  Champs will be split 8 and unders Friday evening and 9 and older Saturday am.  All of the teams in the ECSL will be competing against each other for points and a winner named.  This will take place 10 and 11Jul2020, at the Park West Rec Center indoor pool in Park West.


  1. Meet etiquette i.e. clean up, etc.
    1. For PW Home meets, please set up your chairs, etc. at the far side of the pool (near the summer kitchen), leaving the gate side of the pool for the visiting team.
    2. Please ask your swimmer to clean up their area
    3. All PW families are expected to help with set-up and clean up at all home meets
    4. Please bring tents to share if you have one so all swimmers are shaded.  
  2. Practice schedule
    1. Please refer to the practice schedule tab on this website for pre-season, during season and championship practices.
    2. Children under 10 are not allowed to be at the pool and/or meets without adult supervision. 
    3. Because we never know what the summer weather will hold, we've set up a
      Rained Out account so that we can quickly let you know if there are any
      changes to practice or meet schedules.  We'd love to have 100%
      participation for this, so please take a moment to sign up for it.

      There are two different ways to register:

      1) Text pwpirates to 84483 or

      2) Click here and enter your cell phone number.  You'll receive a validation code via
      text message.
  3. Stroke Clinic schedule
    1. There will be a separate stoke clinical 5 days a week, fees are $5 and sign-ups are in a notebook at am practice and are first come/first serve basis
  4. Uniform/Team Apparel
    1. Team swim suits can be purchased from Blue Sky Endurance in Mt Pleasant directly through their store (brick and mortar or online).
    2. Team suits are a solid black.
    3. Previous PW Pirate swimsuits can be worn and the logo applied if desired
    4. Team suits are not required. 
    5. PW Tee shirts and a PW Pirate swim cap will be given to each swimmer at the start of the swim season.  Replacement caps can be purchased for a additional fee.
  5. Team Picture
    1. Will be taken by Team Photogapher 27May prior to Time Trials or on a date to be determined, this picture will be posted to the PW Website and emailed to all parents listed on the team roster.
  6. Lost and Found:
    1. Items left at swim meets will be available for pick-up at Friday practices following each swim meet (kept in the swim closet)
    2. Please see one of the board members or coach for Lost and Found items
  7. Board Member and Coach contact information
    1. Please refer to the contact section of the PW website for contact info, small biographies and pictures of all coaches , board members and committee heads
  8. Swim fees for 2020 season
    1. Fees for membership are as follows:  For families with one swimmer, $145/season, for families with two swimmers, $215/season, and families with three or more swimmers $260/ season.  
    2. Fee includes team tee shirt and first swim cap and end of season award.  
    3. 50% of registration fees will be refunded only if requested prior to 01Jun2020.

19) 2020 Swim meet schedule, please see Calendar tab on the PW Website

20) Parent Volunteer Commitment

It takes many people to run a swim meet.  Volunteers are essential to successfully organize and manage our swim meets and we need help from each family. Each family is required to volunteer for 3 swim meets per season (or approved equivalent).  Please reach out if there are extenuating circumstances and we will work with you for a solution.  

  • TIMERS (1 PW time and 1 dual team timer per lane) 
  • Runner: collects event cards from timers after each event & delivers them to scoring table.
  • Starter/ Announcer: announces and starts each event; also responsible for swim meet pace
  • Scoring Table and Ribbons: Record swimmers times during the meet using laptop computers and meet management software, calculate team scores, prepare meet reports, and prepare ribbons for each swimmer for each event.  Training on the Hytek meet management software is required and will be provided. 
  • Heat Ribbons deliver heat ribbons to the winner of each heat for 8 and under individual events.
  • Wrangler and Clerk of Course: gathers swimmers from team area and brings them to coaches prior to event
  • Stroke & Turn Judges: Stroke and turn judges watch the swimmers during their events, judge whether or not their strokes and turns are swum correctly, disqualify swimmers for incorrect strokes and turns, and in the process help swimmers learn their strokes and improve their technique.   Training will be provided
  • Concessions: Home meets only.  Duties include working the barbecue, food prep, and sales.
  • Unable to Volunteer the minimum of 3 swim meets –payment of additional $150 fee is required at registration

CLEAN UP:  ALL families are expected to help with set up and clean up at all home meets.

Each of the above volunteer committees will have a Committee head, who will contact you with additional information after committee assignments are made.  Sign-up for volunteering will be done through the PW website

21) List of ECSL Events and explanation