1. Is synchronized skating experience required to join the IceStars SST? No, experience is not required but is helpful.  Individual skills play a strong part in where a skater will be placed, along with age and ability.
  2. What club or skating guidelines to IceStars SST follow?  IceStars are a proud member of Cutting Edge FSC!  Our teams compete in US Figure Skating sanctioned competitions and abide by their structured guidelines.
  3. When does the season begin/end?  IceStars hold tryouts in April and begin summer training in July.  The fall practice season begins after Labor Day weekend with the first competition in November.  The season typically ends in mid to end of February.
  4. How much of a time commitment is synchronized skating? Beginner level teams will practice once a week beginning in July and through the end of the season in February.  The Preliminary level and up will practice twice a week on ice along with their required off ice training.  Intermediate will practice three times a week.  Teams will travel to Michigan, Illinois and Oregon for the 2015-2016 season.
  5. What is required of parents/family members? We are a volunteer run organization to keep costs down for our families. Each family will have a volunteer requirement that they must fulfill.  Our volunteers ensure that travel, communication, social and fundraising operations are run smoothly to be most beneficial for our skaters and teams.  IceStars encourage every family to get involved no matter how big or small the task is!
  6. How much do I have to pay to be an IceStar? An annual budget is created for each team with the final dollars being determined by the amount of skaters rostered to each team.  Team fees will include a membership to our home club, Cutting Edge FSC; along with ice time, coaches, costumes, competition entries, off ice, choreography camp and team shirt.  Travel, lodging, practice apparel and spirit wear are not included. There are monthly payment plan options available for team fees.
  7. Do you run fundraisers?  YES!  IceStars SST have a fundraising requirement per family.  We offer 5 or more opportunies to help fulfill that requirement along with our most successful event; Casino Night held in September.
  8. Where does the IceStars SST practice? The IceStars practice and train at the RecPlex Ice Arena, a beautiful state of the art facility located in Pleasant Prairie WI.