1. At 30 consecutive days from the first day of the season, or after attending 5 practices, or attending a swim meet, whichever comes first, half of the team fee will be refunded for new swimmers only (example if at July 1st they have attended 0 practices and quit there will be no refund). There will be no refunds given to returning swimmers. For insurance purposes, paperwork must be received in full before an athlete is allowed to enter the pool.

  2. Cost adjustments such as pro-rating will be made only for those who join late due to relocation. The cost will be the weekly rate multiplied by number of weeks left in the season plus processing fee. US Swimming fees must be paid in full. Drop in swimmers will be charged $15 per session.

  3. If a swimmer is unable to swim for the remainder of the season, one month or longer, due to debilitating illness or injury, then a weekly rate for the remainder of the season, less processing fee, will be applied towards the following season. If the illness or injury result in permanent debilitation, a refund of weekly rate less processing fee will be given. Doctor proof required.

  4. A $25 processing fee will be assessed to all refunds and cost adjustments.

  5. Financial aid requirements : Applications must be received and approval granted before an athlete may enter the water. Please allow 1 week to process once all paperwork has been received. Approved applicants will receive 50% off team fees, but not US Swimming fees.

  6. Scholarship requirements: Athletes considered seniors in high school must fill out the scholarship application, provide proof of current academic standing, and proof of acceptance/enrollment at a continuing education institute. Applicants must have been members of MLST for at least two seasons (one prior to senior year, and one during senior year.) *Exceptions will be considered on an individual basis if athlete moves here senior year.

  7. Meet costs: Children who wish to partake in a relay(s) at a swim meet will be responsible for covering approximately half of the costs. Each child will pay $1 per relay and must provide the coaches with the funds prior to relay entries being submitted at the beginning of the swim meet.

  8. Checks should be made payable to MLST or Mammoth Lakes Swim Team. A use fee is included in credit card pricing.

  9. No running is allowed on deck at any time. No glass is allowed on deck. Lifeguard tower and its steps are for the use of the lifeguard on duty. Stay off the equipment. Children not involved in practice must be supervised and stay within the pool enclosure.

  10. The Mammoth Lakes Swim Team will not allow the use of profanity, drugs, and alcohol or tobacco products in or around the pool during either practice sessions or swim meets. The United States Swimming Association specifically prohibits the use of drugs, alcohol, or tobacco products.

  11. Lost and Found items are collected in bins by the team equipment. Items will be turned over to worthy charitable organizations throughout the season. Swimmers names need to be on all items used during the season, especially sweat shirts, team suits and towels.

Swimmer's Success Through Parental Involvement

The Mammoth Lakes Swim Team can only be successful with the assistance of parent volunteers. Volunteers at each location run swim meets, both locally and at away meets. Parents are expected to participate at away meets by assisting with timing shifts or training to become swim meet officials.

At our local meets, every parent must volunteer to assist with some part of running the meets in order to insure the meets are timely and efficient. Signup sheets for the different jobs are posted at Whitmore Pool prior to our two local meets. Sign up early to help.

Parental discipline and positive support of your child is essential. Parents, as well as swimmers, are expected to conduct themselves in a manner in which we can all be proud. Unsportsmanlike behavior is not tolerated from swimmers or parents under any circumstances. This behavior will result in the person being removed from the pool deck, either temporarily or permanently.

Awards are given at the end of most meets. These awards are usually presented to the swimmer at a later date.

At the end of the year there is an awards event. Awards include participation awards, High Point awards (points accumulated throughout the season from individual events at each league meet the team attends), most improved awards for boys and girls in each age group (determined by taking the difference between the swimmer’s initial time in an event each year and their fastest time posted for the year) and special recognition awards.


There will be a tremendous amount of information distributed to the parents on an ongoing basis throughout the season. This information is placed in folders, arranged alphabetically under the family name, at the pool.

It is very important to check the folder each and every day after practice to make sure you are kept up to date. There are entry cards for meets and meet information sheets that sometimes only give us a few days to enter the kids in away meets.

Please help us by keeping informed of upcoming events. Your swimmer should check their folder every day. If you are involved in a carpool situation, please make sure your folder is checked by whoever is driving your swimmer.