Swimming Lessons

Swimming Lessons

Minot Swim Club teaches correct swimming at all levels, beginning through advanced.  Using an organized teaching method, children progress from getting comfortable in the water until they are proficient in all four strokes.


  • Small class size (7 in lower levels, 8 in upper levels).
  • All swimmers in one family can swim at the same time, regardless of level.
  • Children progress according to skill, not age.
  • Instructors are trained to teach swimming in an organized, fun fashion.
  • Swim Lessons are a separate unit of the Minot Swim Club.  There is no pressure to join the club's competitive program.
  • Children are ready to give the Competitive Club a try after they successfully complete level 3 of swim lessons.

Age Minimum and Price:

  • Children must be 5 years old at the start of the session.
  • One Session of 10 lessons is $73.00 plus $2 Student Insurance/Registration fee (Non-refundable).
  • The summer lessons take place at the Magic City Campus Pool, use door #29.  During the school year, lessons take place at the Minot State University Pool.
  • Session Info:
    • Children attend lessons five days per week in during the summer, Mon thru Fri.  During the school year children attend two days per week  either Mon/Wed or Tue/Thu.
    • Most levels are offered during each time slot so all children in one family can take lessons at the same time.

Summer Session Schedule 2021:

  • Dates:
    • June 7 - 18  (Online Registration opens May 6 @ 7:00pm)
    • June 21 - July 2  (Online Registration opens June 19 @ 9:00am)
    • July  8 - 21 (Online Registration opens July 6 @ 9:00am) (Due to the Holiday week, this session starts on a Thursday and ends on a Wednesday)
  • Days:  Monday thru Friday (attend five days per week for 2 weeks)
  • Times: 
    • 11:30am - 12:15pm
    • 12:15pm - 1:00pm
    • 1:00pm - 1:45pm
  • Location:  Minot High School Magic City Campus Pool, Door #29
  • Fee:  $73.00 plus $2 Student Insurance/Registration fee (Non-refundable)
  • Online Registration for Session 1:  Opens May 6 @ 7:00pm
  • Registration Link will be here when available!

Registration is open Now - click Here to sign up!

  • COVID Precautions
    • Spectators:  One spectator per family is allowed, but not required, at swim lessons if necessary.  Spectators must wear masks inside the building going to and from the pool.  If able to socially distance in the bleachers, masks may be removed. 
    • Parents and children are required to wear masks inside Minot High buildings.  Children will not wear masks during swim lessons.
    • Please do not bring your child to lessons if they are sick or are experiencing any symptoms related to Covid-19.
    • Locker rooms will be open for changing and bathrooms.  Showers are not available.
    • Children should come to the pool with their suit on underneath their clothes.  Instructors are not able to assist with dressing and undressing.  Children must be able to dress themselves.  All dressing/undressing must take place in the locker rooms to avoid wet floors out in the common areas.
    • Drop off child no more than 5 minutes before class time.  Pickup immediately after class.
  • Additional Information:

    What to bring: Please bring a towel and swimsuit. Swim cap and goggles are optional, however we highly recommend bringing goggles.

    Refunds/Credits: No refunds or credits are given after the first class. If you need to withdraw your child from a class, send an email to [email protected] by the day prior to the first lesson.

    Illness: If your child is sick, please do not bring them to lessons. If someone contaminates the pool by vomiting or feces, all lessons will be cancelled for 24 hours so the pool can be cleaned.

    Cancellations: All cancellations due to weather will be posted on our web site: Due to pool availability, cancelled lessons might not be made up.

    Which Level should my child be in?

    Level 1 - Beginners Age 5 and Over

    • Hold breath 5 Seconds
    • Turn head to breathe without stopping or lifting head (5 times)
    • Float on Stomach unassisted 5 seconds
    • Float on back unassisted 5 seconds
    • Kick on stomach, with board turning head to breathe with teacher's guidance
    • Acceptable knowledge of elementary backstroke arms with teacher's guidance 10 yards
    • Kick out to the teacher with face in water and in a relaxed position 5 yards unassisted
    • Jump in the water to teacher

Level 2 - to register for this level, students must have passed the skills learned in Level 1:

  • Hold breath for 10 seconds
  • Turn head to breathe without stopping (10 times)
  • Kick on stomach with flutter board turning head to breathe 15 yards
  • Kick on back 15 yards
  • Freestyle 15 yards
  • Elementary backstroke arms with flutter kick 15 yards
  • Changing positions in the water (prone float, roll to back, and roll back to prone float)

Level 3 - to register for this level, students must have passed the skills learned in Level 2:

  • Dive In
  • Jump in - level off - swim 10 yards
  • Jump in - survival float 1 minute - swim 10 yards
  • Jump in deep end - stomach float - roll over on back - swim freestyle back to edge
  • 25 yards freestyle
  • 25 yards backstroke
  • 25 yards elementary backstroke
  • Somersault in water

***Children that pass this level are ready to give competitive swim club a try!

Level 4 - to register for this level, students must have passed the skills learned in Level 3:

  • 10 bobs in deep water
  • Survival Float for 2 minutes
  • 50 yards freestyle
  • 50 yards backstroke
  • 25 yards breast stroke with two hand touch
  • Tread water 45 seconds
  • Dive in, swim 25 yard freestyle
  • Flip turn
  • Dive in, swim under water 25 feet
  • Jump in - Roll over - elementary backstroke 25 yards
  • Dive in, swim underwater 20 feet, survival float for 2 minutes

Level 5 - to register for this level, students must have passed the skills learned in Level 4:

  • Survival Float for 3 minutes
  • Back float 1 minute
  • Flip Turn
  • Tread water 1 minute
  • Jump in - push off wall - swim under water 20 feet
  • Racing Dive
  • 50 yards elementary backstroke
  • Dive in - swim 100 yards freestyle with flip turns
  • Jump in - swim under water 15 feet, tread water 1 minute, survival float for 1 minute
  • 50 yards sidestroke
  • 50 yards breaststroke with two hand touch
  • 100 yard backstroke

Level 6 - to register for this level, students must have passed the skills learned in Level 5:

  • Racing Dive
  • Flip Turn
  • Survival Float 5 minutes
  • Swim under water 20 feet
  • 100 yards breaststroke with two hand touch
  • 100 yards backstroke
  • 100 yards sidestroke
  • 200 yards freestyle with flip turns
  • 25 yards butterfly with two hand touch
  • 10 minutes swim without stopping

For More Information email: [email protected]